The featured articles of the wiki are articles that represent the best the McLeodGaming Wiki has to offer. These articles are reviewed at featured article candidates for accuracy, completeness, and style its nomination process was created in order to highlight quality articles representative of the McLeodGaming Wiki. You should nominate articles based on their content, not because you like the subject. After an article is featured, this Featured is added in the top right corner and it is shown in the main page.

How to nominate an article

To nominate an article be featured, please do the following:

  • Write the article you want to nominate in the box below
  • Add the {{FA nomination}} tag at the top of the article.
  • Give your reasons in the section below and support or oppose the article, be sure to leave your signature with ~~~~.
  • Neutral votes are also permissible, but in the end you will have to choose to whether support or oppose the article or else your vote will be invalidated.

List of nominated articles

Add the nominated article here by adding a heading 3 and specify your reasons why you want to make it featured article.


  1. Support: What can I say about this article? I spent a whole afternoon checking for each food variant to take note on how much damage each piece is able to recover, in addition to describing each food's appearance with its respective image. This article cannot be more complete, well, no more than it currently is. --Ak-Un Symbol BYLL EL WYLL Ak-Un Symbol 09:03, August 17, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Oppose: Even though it's complete, I don't think it should be feaured. It has low traffic, not to mention that we have a lot of other complete pages that aren't even being thought to be featured.Goku9Goku Damian (Character Photo)
  3. Support: Not the most popular page but definitely one of the most complete and extensive. This page would be the first item ever to be featured, and I think this is the best one to start with. The Food item is packed with variations and references, and every single one is catalogued in here. It's got my vote for sure. -- ~~ CRAZYNAUT 00:13, August 27, 2017 (UTC)
  4. Oppose: GN gave good reasons. It's a good list but isn't a very impressive or noteworthy read, compared to some of the other pages here. That, and it's not very popular. ~~ IST O L E T H E P I ES π 12:00, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

Tier list

  1. Support: I recently checked the wiki statistics and this is one of the most viewed pages on the wiki. Lets face it, this is a page that covers everything regarding this controversial list in regard of the SSF games, I'm particularly exalted how well described the SSF2 Beta tier is. --Ak-Un Symbol BYLL EL WYLL Ak-Un Symbol 20:28, August 31, 2017 (UTC)
  2. Support: Why not? --AdamK199

Tails (Super Smash Flash 2)

  1. Support: I checked the image to see if it was better. and it came out like this.. So i dont know.
  2. Oppose: The article is still severely outdated, for instance, the moveset section is not sorted in boxes like other fighter pages, to add insult to the injury, it carries three incomplete tags. This definitely fails to be a FA in every conceivable way. --Ak-Un Symbol BYLL EL WYLL Ak-Un Symbol 04:29, December 25, 2017 (UTC)

Comments/Remotion of opposing votes

Well, the Food article nomination ended up in a tie. While it is true it is not a very popular page, with the FA status it is meant to increase its traffic. We should be aware the page has reached its point it cannot be further improved so you guys should reconsider, at this point, your votes. Anyway, a next vote will decide its fate. --Ak-Un Symbol BYLL EL WYLL Ak-Un Symbol 20:28, August 31, 2017 (UTC)

List of featured articles

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