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Logo of McLeodGamingOfficial.

McLeodGamingOfficial is the name of the official YouTube's account of McLeodGaming, it is used by some SSF2 Devs to post small previews and gameplay videos of the upcoming Super Smash Flash 2. It also showcases Directs and Dev Blogs.

Super Smash Flash 2 Mini-Trailers

MG icon Main article: Super Smash Flash 2 Mini-Trailer

The channel was initially host to the SSF2 Mini-Trailers, which were small videoclips presenting dramatization of a singular character in the SSF2's roster. They were simple flash animations designed to look like gameplay footage and, as such, were infamous for showing characters and stages that were not in the game. The trailers for Goku, Sora, and Mega Man are still available, but a fourth trailer for Snake has been removed.

Super Smash Flash 2 Dev Blogs

MG icon Main article: Super Smash Flash 2 Dev Blog

The first major use of McLeodGamingOfficial was the mini Dev Blogs leading up to the release of demo v0.8, which showcased changes made to each character in the form of short gameplay compilation videos. These videos featured music composed by the SSF2 Music Dev Team, with the exception of Mario, which used a track from OCRemix. These songs are not available in game, however. These videos are now unlisted, meaning that they cannot be directly accessed through the channel, but are still available in the original threads.

Later, during the development of SSF2 Beta, new dev blogs also made use of the channel. Shorter clips meant only to give quick demonstrations of specific aspects are unlisted, but longer gameplay videos and previews are publicly available.

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