Mario Finale
Mario Finale ND
Mario symbol
Mario's Final Smash.
Universe Mario
User Mario
Type Directional
Effect Two massive fireballs drag opponents sideways.

Mario Finale known in Japan as Mario Final (マリオファイナル), is Mario's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2. Once released, Mario launches a pair of spinning flames that grow larger and larger as it goes off-screen, dragging any opponents in its path. It can be a one-hit KO if performed at the correct time and direction.

The move was originally a part of Fire Mario's moveset, which could be used after fully charging his standard special move Super Fireball. However, Fire Mario was completely replaced by the Mario Finale in v0.9b of the SSF2 Demo.


Early designs


  • Prior to v0.5a of the SSF2 Demo, before Fire Mario got brawlification, when he fully charged a Super Fireball and released it, it would become a mini-version of the Mario Finale. Though it was not nearly as powerful as the new one, Fire Mario would not have to transform back into regular Mario.
  • In v0.8a, a bug gave the Mario Finale an advantage that it could be used as many times as the player wanted without reverting Fire Mario into his regular form, as long as it was used on the ground. However, it could only be used for racking-up damage and it would rarely drag the opponents off-screen. This bug could not be used if Fire Mario performs the attack in midair.
  • Mario Finale was one of the two special moves that were considered "Final Smashes within Final Smashes", the other being Genki Dama from Super Saiyan Goku. Both attacks are used by Final Forms and could only be used once per transformation as they drain the users' energy and revert them to their regular form. Mario Finale, however, required manual charging while Genki Dama is charged automatically.
  • The sprite of the spinning flames was originally that of the Speed Burner from Mega Man X2.
  • In versions v0.8b and v0.9a of the demo, Mario Finale could be cancelled if an opponent shielded the attack. This makes the whole attack disassemble.

Standard special move Fireball
Side special move Cape
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Mario Tornado
Final Smash Mario Finale

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