This article is about Mario's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For general information about the character, see Mario.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Mario
Universe Mario
Availability Starter
Tier S (3-4)

Mario is a playable character in Super Smash Flash and the only available starter character from the Mario universe. Due to the game's limitations, Mario uses an abridged version of his moveset from the Super Smash Bros. series consisting of six attacks.

He is tied for third on the tier list with his brother Luigi. Mario has excellent horizontal movement, good damage racking ability, and good kill power. He has easily the best projectile in the game, the Fireball, due to its very fast speed and firing rate. The Mario Tornado is a good turtling move, as it comes out fast, surrounds Mario on both sides, has a long active period, and has instant-killing properties.

True to his name, Mario has nothing that could really be considered a weakness, other than the possibility that Luigi is slightly better than him. This "Jack of All Trades" characteristic gives Mario strong match ups across the board, resulting in his high placement.


Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Fireball Mario shoots a fast-moving fireball. The fireball bounces but is not affected by gravity. This move can be held down indefinitely, but take note that Mario moves forward a little each time he shoots a fireball. It should also be noted that performing this move again while another Fireball from either of the Mario Bros. is still onscreen cancels the previously existing one out. Mario - Fireball
Side attack Left Jab / Right Cross Mario delivers two punches rapidly, the second only for a single frame; pressing twice in succession makes Mario kick. Holding down the attack button produces the same effect. It is good for racking damage and KO'ing, because of its decent knockback. Mario - Punch-Kick Combo
Up attack Toe Kick Mario jumps and kicks upward. Like most other characters in Super Smash Flash, this is Mario's best KO move. It almost always can KO at around 200% or higher. Mario - High Kick
Down attack Slide Mario slides while kicking with his foot. It has decent knockback. This move can be held down indefinitely. If aimed properly, it can hit multiple times, dealing huge amounts of damage such as 153%. This move can be canceled with a jump. Mario - Slide-Kick
Down aerial Mario Tornado Mario spins around in midair with his arms out, shouting "Wa haa!". Like Slide-Kick, it can hit multiple times. This move only has small horizontal knockback, but it is very useful for dealing damage. Mario - Mario Tornado

In addition, Mario has an additional attack while jumping, resembling the Super Jump Punch, just without the coins.


  • Oddly, in the character selection screen of SSF, Mario is the only character that is facing on the left, while the other 27 are facing to the right.

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