Mach Tornado
Mach Tornado Beta
Kirby symbol
Meta Knight using Mach Tornado.
Universe Kirby
User(s) SSF2 Meta Knight head
Effect Meta Knight surrounds himself with a tornado, damaging opponents he makes contact with.

Mach Tornado (マッハトルネイド) is Meta Knight's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Meta Knight spins at high speed and surrounds himself with a small yellow tornado, damaging any opponents that make contact with him. The attack lasts for about one second and slows Meta Knight's descent, but if the special attack input is pressed repeatedly, then the move will last up to one extra second (depending on how quickly the button is pressed) and Meta Knight will gain height, making it an effective vertical recovery, though it will also put Meta Knight in a helpless state afterwards. The tornado can hit opponents multiple times, and it can rack up to 16% damage to the opponent if they're hit for the entire duration of the attack.


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Early design

Standard special move Mach Tornado
Side special move Drill Rush
Up special move Shuttle Loop
Down special move Dimensional Cape
Final Smash Galaxia Darkness