Luigi Cyclone
Luigi Cyclone
Mario symbol
Luigi's down special move.
Universe Mario
User Luigi
Effect Luigi rapidly spins, damaging opponents.

Luigi Cyclone (ルイージサイクロン), is a recurring attack used by Luigi in the Super Smash Flash series. It works similar to the Mario Tornado with a few exceptions.


In the original Super Smash Flash, Luigi Cyclone is Luigi's down aerial. The move is almost a "carbon copy" of Mario's Mario Tornado, save for a less duration of time and a bigger hitbox.

In the reboot, Super Smash Flash 2, it has become Luigi's down special move. Luigi can now slide across the stage while performing the move and it only hits twice. However, it functions like a recovery move and a vertical KO move, much like Mario Tornado does. Luigi Cyclone takes elements from Luigi's Super Smash Bros. Brawl incarnation recovery wise, while his hits and power from its original Super Smash Bros. incarnation.

Standard special move Fireball
Side special move Green Missile
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Unknown

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