This article is about Luigi's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Luigi.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Luigi
Universe Mario
Availability Unlockable
Tier S (3-4)

Luigi appears as the only unlockable character from the Mario universe in Super Smash Flash. He can be unlocked by completing Adventure mode on at least normal difficulty with Mario. He is one of four clone characters in the game, borrowing his moveset from his brother.

He is tied for third on the tier list with his brother Mario. Luigi has excellent horizontal movement, high jumps, and good kill power. He has easily the best projectile in the game, the Fireball, due to its very fast speed and firing rate. The Luigi Cyclone is a good turtling move, as it comes out fast, surrounds Luigi on both sides, has a long active period, and has instant-killing properties.

Like Mario, Luigi doesn't have any real weaknesses, other than his lack of a momentum cancelling attack. This lack of downsides makes his strengths appear event more pronounced, as he has strong match ups across the board, resulting in his high placement.


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Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Fireball Shoots his signature green fireball across the stage. Luigi NA SSF
Side attack Left Jab / Right Jab Luigi will jab (any direction) while moving depends on the direction he is moving towards to and toe kicks after jabbing. Luigi SA SSF
Up attack Toe Kick Kicks straight up. Luigi UA SSF
Down attack Green Missile One of the effective moves. Luigi will charge towards any direction he is facing. Luigi DA SSF
Down aerial Luigi Cyclone While airborne, Luigi will spin around for second and hits the opponent. Luigi AA SSF
  • Additionally, his jump animation is the Super Jump Punch, which doubles as an attack.

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