Lloyd hanging on to a ledge

Lloyd grabbing the ledge of Final Destination.

In Super Smash Flash 2, ledge options are different methods that characters can use when hanging on a ledge. These techniques are absent from the first Super Smash Flash as ledges did not exist in the game and as such, could not be grabbed.

Once the invincibility frames gained from grabbing a ledge expire, it is usually prudent to get up off the edge and return to the stage. Ledge options makes players think on their toes on what's the best course of action to take. This can be done in a variety of ways (see below).

The different types of ledge recoveries

  • Climb: By pushing towards the ledge, a character will simply climb up onto the stage with no flair.
  • Attack: By pressing the attack button, a character will climb up onto the stage while attacking. This is intended to protect against enemies who are edge-guarding (if applicable). Some characters will do a slower but stronger ledge attack if their damage is 100% or more.
  • Roll: By pressing the shield button, a character will climb up and roll forward a short distance, typically enough to reach the other side of an attacker.
  • Jump: By pressing a jump button or pushing the up or jump control, a character will leap upwards and slightly forward. However, this move does not give a character invincibility frames.
  • Let Go (away): By pushing away from the ledge, a character will let go of the edge and fall in the direction of the key pressed. This may seem counter-productive at first, but it is useful if a character wishes to double jump and then air dodge, which is a useful alternative to jumping in a few cases. Also, depending on the character, double-jumping and using an aerial attack can be faster than using the recovery attack.
  • Let Go (down): By pressing the down button, a character will let go and fall downward and make the character fast-fall. This could be used for stalling because players can just fast fall from the ledge and then use their recovery to get back.

Ledge recovery attack

New Mario Ledge Attack

Mario's ledge attack on Sonic.

Ledge recovery attacks moves that characters can use when hanging from a ledge. Every character possesses a ledge recovery attack, which often grants invincibility frames. Ledge attacks can be used to clear the ledge of edgeguarders, and assure a safe recovery.

100% ledge recovery attack

New mario 100percent

Mario doing his 100% ledge attack on Sonic.

A different kind of ledge recovery attack will occur when some characters attempt to use a ledge attack while at 100% damage or higher. They often possess larger hitboxes or more damage output than ordinary ledge attacks, but are slower.

List of ledge recovery attacks

Character Under 100% Over 100%
Black Mage Pokes his staff in front of himself. 8% Jumps from the ledge, then does a dive with a sword. 8%
Bomberman Climbs up, then kicks forward while sitting. Surprisingly strong for an under 100% ledge attack. 13% Climbs up, then lays down and spins his body slowly like a top, with his legs pointing toward the ledge. Currently, it has no hitboxes.
Captain Falcon Flips onto the ledge while doing a fastkick. 8% N/A
Chibi-Robo Gets up and hits his opponent with his plug. 7% N/A
Donkey Kong Jumps straight forward on the stage, back-first. 8% N/A
Fox Climbs up halfway and does a cartwheel kick with both feet. 8% N/A
Kaiō-ken Goku
Climbs up, then does a double-axe handle punch in an arc. 10% N/A
Kaiō-ken Goku Climbs up, then does a double-axe handle punch in an arc. 12% N/A
Ichigo Rolls up and does a quick slash. 8% Does a roll, then slams the Zangetsu onto the ground. 11%
Isaac Rolls up on stage and swipes with his hand. 8%
Jigglypuff Climbs up, then punches forward. 6% Climbs up, does a little jump and then kicks forward with both feet. 6%
Kirby Rolls up, then brings his foot down from an upside down position. 6% Climbs up, then does a spinning split kick. 6%
Link Does an overhead slash with the Master Sword. 8% Slowly climbs up, then does a thrust with the Master Sword. 10%
Lloyd Rolls up, then swings a sword overhead. 10% Climbs up, then thrusts a sword in front of himself. 10%
Mario Climbs up in a cartwheel and kicks with both legs. 5% Climbs up and swing his legs around, doing a mule-like kick. 7%
Marth Flips onto ledge with a downward diagonal slash from left to right. 4% N/A
Mega Man Climbs up, then thrusts his arm cannon forward. 10% Does a roll, accompanied with a kick at the end. 11%
Naruto Climbs up, then does a spinning backward hook kick. 7% N/A
Ness Does a kick after climbing up. 8% N/A
Peach Does a jump forward hip first. 6% Does a sliding kick with both legs. 10%
Pikachu Climbs up, and does a somersault forwards. 8% N/A
Samus Rolls up in Morph Ball form, then swings her arm cannon downwards. 7% N/A
Sheik Does a sweep kick with one leg. 6% N/A
Sonic Climbs up, then does a sliding kick while moving forward a bit. 7% N/A
Sora Climbs up, then thrusts his keyblade forward. 4% Scoots forward a long distance, then thrusts his keyblade towards the ledge he climbed from. 11%
Tails Climbs up, then swings both his tails in front of himself. 3% N/A
Wario Does a shoulder ram, traveling a bit forward. 6% Climbs up, then rolls forward. 15%
Yoshi Sweeps his tail in front of himself. 6% N/A
Zelda After climbing, kneels on the ground, then sticks her leg out in front of herself. 8% N/A
Zero Suit Samus Gets up and hits her opponent with her pistol. 7% N/A

Final Form Ledge Recovery Attacks

Final Form Under 100% Over 100%
Bankai Ichigo Does an overhead slash. 9% N/A
Kyūbi Naruto Climbs up and swings his claws in an upwards arc. 8% N/A
Super Saiyan Goku Climbs up, then does a double-axe handle punch in an arc. 15% N/A
Super Sonic Does a Spin Dash back and forth around the ledge's area. 9% N/A
Wario-Man Does a shoulder ram, traveling a bit forward. 10% N/A


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