Star Fox symbol
Fox's Final Smash.
Universe Star Fox
User Fox
Type Transformation
Effect Fox gets into the Landmaster for a short time.

Landmaster (ランドマスター) is Fox's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2. Fox jumps into the Landmaster, a large tank from the Star Fox universe. The Landmaster can move around the stage, hover, and fire large energy blasts. However, it cannot roll, or carry opponents on it as it was able to do in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Also, unlike Brawl, Fox can shoot energy blasts in the air. Fox's Landmaster is the longest lasting Final Smash.



  • When Fox uses the Final Smash inside the tunnel of Sand Ocean; he will have the Landmaster on top of tunnel, but if the tunnel is not exited fast enough then he will be KO'ed.
  • Fox could take damage inside the Landmaster, but this was fixed in version 0.9a of the demo.

Standard special move Blaster
Side special move Fox Illusion
Up special move Fire Fox
Down special move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster

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