Kirby Super Star
8e11a64bd33ced8ac0d563e20c2-Kirby Super Star
Kirby symbol
Box art from the game.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Series Kirby
Genre(s) Action, platforming
Mode(s) Single-player, cooperative multiplayer
Platform(s) SNES, Virtual Console

Kirby Super Star, known as Kirby's Fun Pak in Europe and as Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe (星のカービィスーパーデラックス Hoshi no Kābī Sūpā Derakkusu, lit. "Kirby of the Stars Super Deluxe") in Japan, is a 1996 platforming video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. It was first released in Japan on March 21, 1996, in North America on September 20, 1996, and in Europe on January 23, 1997. Kirby Super Star's box art states that the game features eight games in one cartridge. Most of these games offered are mostly platforming-oriented, while some others are mini-games.

Kirby Super Star has been remade for the Nintendo DS under the name of Kirby Super Star Ultra.

In Super Smash Flash series

Kirby's sprites were ripped from this game in Super Smash Flash.

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