Kirby Hub Room
Complete view of the Kirby Hub Room in Super Smash Flash.
Universe Kirby
Appearance Super Smash Flash
Size Large
Availability Solo
Music track(s)
  • Targets!

Kirby Hub Room is a solo stage in Super Smash Flash that serves as setting for Target Test. The stage is directly ripped from the room in Rainbow Route of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror filled with Copy Pedestals for the player's use, albeit with a white background instead of the original one. All characters have access to this stage when playing through the Target Test, but each character has a different arrangement and position for the targets. Despite the name, it is more a general stage for all characters rather than being Kirby-centered only.



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Kirby and the hud room in Mirror

The Kirbys on the first level in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.


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