Ki Blasts
Ki blasts ND
Universe Dragon Ball
User Goku

Ki Blasts (気砲, Kikō, literally: Energy Blasts), is Goku's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Goku thrusts his palm forward, firing a mid-range energy blast and quickly follows up with a second one. Each hit is only able to do a mere 1-5%, but when used repeatedly, will force the opponent to jump and/or try to projectile counter. When this move is used in midair, the Ki Blasts are sent diagonally downward at an angle, like PK Fire. Also, holding the special move button will cause Goku to release two blasts, while tapping, he releases one.



Goku firing simple Ki Blasts in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Even though, in their simplest form, Ki Blasts rarely appear in the Dragon Ball franchise proper, they have long been a staple of the video game adaptations as a basic attack, equivalent to a projectile punch. They can typically either be fired rapidly or charged, with some exceptions in the case of the latter, such as in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games.

Unlike specialized super attacks such as the Kamehameha, they're nearly universal to the roster in games where they're present, usually with only one or a small handful of exceptions. As such, they are generally considered a core aspect of the series' gameplay.


Standard special move Kamehameha
Side special move Ki Blasts / Kaiō-ken Attack
Up special move Instant Transmission
Down special move Kaiō-ken
Final Smash Super Saiyan Goku

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