Jetpack ND smoke
Bomberman symbol
User Bomberman
Universe Bomberman

Jetpack is Bomberman's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Bomberman takes out a jetpack, charges it up, and then spins around while it launches him vertically. The move can do up to 6%, and it has weak knockback. There is a slight chance to KO an opponent if he/she is found right above Bomberman when he does the move, but is very hard to perform considering Smash DI. When the Jetpack is initiated, there is a small delay which makes Bomberman keep falling slowly until it activates unless he jump cancels into the move. Though it is the greatest vertical recover, as such, it has very poor horizontal recovery. He waves his arms in a nervous matter while he uses this move. There is an explosion at the beginning of the move that does 8% damage and with decent knockback.


Standard special move Bomb
Side special move Bomb Kick
Up special move Jetpack
Down special move Bomb Detonate
Final Smash Revenge

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