Zero Insanity
Jamal Ransaw in 2014.
Full name Jamal Ransaw
Alias Zero Insanity
Join date Male
Rank Lead Developer
Main role Spriter, Flash, web design
Location Pennsylvania, US

Jamal Ransaw, mainly know by his alias Zero Insanity (shortened ZI), is a skilled graphics designer for Super Smash Flash 2 and is a highly respected and valued member of the team.

Work with the Super Smash Flash series

Zero Insanity is a talented graphic artist, and is responsible for the menu designs currently in SSF2. He created many Flash orientated effects such as credits, main menu and selection icons. Zero Insanity is also a spriter who has taken several characters into account. Along with his partner Chris ElvisDitto Hubac. Together, they were responsible for the polishing and updating of Naruto's, Goku's and Ichigo's sprite appearance. They also worked on the sprites for Peach and Luigi.

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