Homing Attack
Homing Attack
Sonic symbol
Sonic using Homing Attack.
Universe Sonic
User(s) SSF2 Sonic head
Effect Sonic curls into a ball and homes in on the nearest opponent.

Homing Attack (ホーミングアタック) is Sonic's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Sonic spins into a ball and then homes in on the nearest opponent, flying toward them. Opponents hit are dealt 8% damage and decent knockback, and the move can be used consecutively after landing another Homing Attack. Sonic's Homing Attack can be charged to increase accuracy and sends him in a downward arc. This move can also be used in recovery to counterattack edgeguarders.


SA Homing Attack

Sonic using the Homing Attack in Sonic Adventure.

The Homing Attack first appeared in Sonic Adventure (though a precursor was seen in Sonic 3D Blast called the Blast Attack) and, as its name implies, it allows the user to home directly into a nearby enemy with a target-seeking midair spin attack. The attack's force from bouncing off targets can be chained to attack several enemies which can be use to traverse certain sections of a stage which are otherwise inaccessible. Since Sonic Adventure, the Homing Attack has been a staple in the Sonic games ever since.



Early designs


  • Homing Attack was also formerly Super Sonic's standard special move as well, but as of Beta, Super Sonic no longer has access to any special moves.
Sonic's special moves
Standard special move Homing Attack
Side special move Light Dash
Up special move Spring Jump
Down special move Spin Dash
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