Hero's Bow
New Hero's Bow
The Legend of Zelda symbol
Link's standard special move.
Universe The Legend of Zelda
User Link

Hero's Bow (勇者の弓) is Link's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Link disarms himself, takes out his bow and arrow and fires it. This attack can be charged to change the distance the arrow flies and the amount of damage that the arrow deals. Uncharged, the attack does 5% while fully charged it does 8% to the opponent. This move is the successor of Link's standard attack in the first Super Smash Flash: Bow, which worked similarly, except Link could not charge the arrow, and it flew horizontally without falling.

Bomb Arrow

Bomb Arrow

Link charging a Bomb Arrow.

Bomb Arrow is a new mechanic introduced in Super Smash Flash 2. If Link fires an arrow while holding a bomb, he will combine the two projectiles and fire the resulting Bomb Arrow which has explosive results and it also does more damage and knockback than the regular arrow or the bomb alone, and is more useful as a bomb, as the regular bomb can hurt himself and his partners. However, the bomb can still explode while Link is charging the move. The attack can also be charged to further the distance of the attack and increase its' strength. Link can also toss a bomb into the air and then shoot an arrow through it, turning it into a Bomb Arrow as well. Uncharged, the attack does 10%, while fully charged it does 12-14%.


Early design

Early design (Bomb Arrow)

Standard special move Hero's Bow
Side special move Gale Boomerang
Up special move Spin Attack
Down special move Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash

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