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Helpless 2

Naruto's helpless.

Helpless refers to the state of which no movement can be made except for horizontal input. It often results from using a recovery move, whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. A character in helpless state cannot move very far, use any moves, recover, or attack, so it leaves a player vulnerable for attacking. Characters did not enter a helpless state in Super Smash Flash.

List of moves that leave players helpless


Move(s) Description
Super Jump Punch Mario jumps up while punching. His helpless animation is different from his normal falling animation.


Move(s) Description
Kōtei-ki Tōshin Ichigo uses the cloth on his Zanpakutō to spin it above his head like a helicopter blade.
Engetsuzan Ichigo strikes forward as he does a Flash Step, briefly vanishing, only to reappear and slash one more time.
Gazan Ichigo stuns the opponent, then teleports upwards and hits downward, falling. When used in air, he does not teleport, nor stuns the opponent. He gets helpless even if it's done on the ground.


Move(s) Description
Final Cutter Kirby slashes upwards then goes falling down, considering a helpless state. There is a bug that, if the player goes on a platform, sometimes the momentum will make Kirby fall from it in normal helpless (same animation as normal falling).


Move(s) Description
Light Dash Sonic stands still while saying: "Ready..." When Sonic charges the move in midair, the move slows the player's descent. There is a sweetspot at the very end of the attack that will have a very powerful effect if the victim is caught in its' range.


Move(s) Description
Spin Attack Link holds his sword out in front of him and spins around, slashing at anyone who gets too close. When used in the air, Link gains momentum and rises upwards a significant distance while striking multiple times. Link can move freely to the sides during this attack when used in the air.


Move(s) Description
Shadow Clone Slash Naruto performs a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to summon a clone which he uses as a stepping stool to jump up while swinging a kunai. If the special move button is pressed at the end of the attack, Naruto does a high-knockback kick, which makes for an excellent finisher.


Move(s) Description
Flowmotion Sora launches himself straight forward and can angle himself up or down. If this move hits an opponent, Sora can chain them in five different ways. It covers good horizontal distance and due it being able to angled up allows it to be used to recover vertically as well.


Move(s) Description
PK Thunder A ball of electricity emerges from Ness' head. The player loses control of Ness and guides the ball. It can be used as a weak projectile or a way for Ness to recover back to the stage. However, Ness only enters in helpless state if the move is used to recovering.


Move(s) Description
Tails Whirlwind Tails spins around, emitting a small tornado around him that propels him upwards. Enemies caught in the tornado will suffer some slight damage as Tails goes upwards, except for the very last hit of the tornado, which has some knockback.


Move(s) Description
Corkscrew Wario spins upwards like a top, while showing the peace sign with his hands, and damages opponents who get hit by him. The attack propels Wario upwards a short distance and can be aimed straight upwards or diagonally left or right.
Wario-Man's D.I.Y. Wario-Man encapsules himself in a ball with a propeller on its' top lifting him up a significant distance. The ball itself also acts somewhat as a shield to Wario-Man as he is impervious to any damage or flinch. He can interrupt it with an aerial, so that he can use it again.


Move(s) Description
Peach Parasol Peach pulls out her parasol from the Paper Mario series and glides through the sky. The parasol is able to hit enemies multiple times in the air while falling slowly. However, Peach cannot grab ledges if faced to the opposite side of them. She will only be helpless if the move is canceled with a fast fall, although she can recover again by pressing the jump button.

Black Mage

Move(s) Description
Warp When the spell is launched, a small green ring will appear that the player can move with the arrow keys, the Black Mage will teleport to the ring when the move ends. The longer the special attack button is held, the farther the ring will go, it has also very long range.
Haste Casts a spell that traps the opponent in a series of quick combos with his staff and fists, sending them flying with the last blow. Huge lag if missed. He will only be helpless if he does not reach an opponent to attack.


Move(s) Description
Quick Attack Pikachu dashes in a maximum of two directions. This move is controlled by the arrow keys. If the opponent is in the path of Pikachu during the attack, the opponent will take 2% of damage with extremely minor knockback. Pikachu's helpless animation is different from his normal falling animation.


Move(s) Description
Fire Fox Flames gather around Fox, and then Fox is launched into the air while yelling "FIRE!!!" in the chosen direction, dealing flame damage to any opponent that he touches. It can also do damage in its charging stage. His helpless animation is different from his falling animation.
Fox Illusion Fox darts forward, leaving a blue trail behind him. It has long startup lag that is not present in any of the main games.

Donkey Kong

Move(s) Description
Spinning Kong Donkey Kong spins around rapidly, causing him to rise slightly and boosting his horizontal control significantly.

Captain Falcon

Move(s) Description
Falcon Dive Captain Falcon grabs his opponent and releases them with an explosion, while shouting "HYESZ!!". Goes into helpless if he misses, but can do it again if he connects.
Raptor Boost Captain Falcon dashes forward and follows up with a very strong uppercut. In the air, he strongly meteor smashes opponents. Do not give helpless, if connected. High endlag if missed (on ground).


Move(s) Description
Instant Transmission Performs a flip kick, before teleporting in one of eight directions, as chosen by the player. Goes into helpless even if it connects.


Move(s) Description
Farore's Wind Teleports at the direction the player is pressing at the time the move is used, can hit both when teleporting and after teleporting. Gives helpless even if connected.


Move(s) Description
Vanish Sheik disappears in an explosion and reappears in another place influenced by the directional keys. During the start up she's granted intangibility frames and in the air can steer left or right slightly and is able to grab the ledge.


Move(s) Description
Screw Attack Samus spins around like a wheel, which causes her to gain altitude, which deals electric damage on contact. If used on ground, Samus will leap up at a fixed altitude, dragging along the opponents that touches her during the leap.


Move(s) Description
Jetpack Takes out a jetpack that, explodes, then launches him upwards, dealing multiple hits to opponents. Great vertical distance.

Meta Knight

Move(s) Description
Mach Tornado Meta Knight turns into a small tornado, damaging enemies in his path. The attack can hit opponents multiple times. It can also be used to recover by repeatedly pressing the special attack button.
Drill Rush Meta Knight spins in a chosen direction, damaging anybody in his path. It can also act as a recovery by aiming up. Can hit multiple times.
Shuttle Loop / Gliding Meta Knight flips up into the air in a loop, and then begins to glide. He is able to perform a unique glide attack. If he tries to platform-cancel the move, but ends up falling off the platform then he will still become helpless. It also does not allow Meta Knight to glide up when he is using the move.
Dimensional Cape Meta Knight engulfs himself in his cape. The player can choose the location of his return. Once the player initiate the attack, the player must let go of the special attack button and then hold it. Then, Meta Knight will end the move with a powerful, high endlag attack.


Move(s) Description
Dolphin Slash Does a fast, jumping slash move, that covers good vertical distance, but little horizontal distance.


Move(s) Description
Chibi-Copter Propels himself upwards a short distance, hitting opponents above him multiple times, while dragging them.


Move(s) Description
Lift Summons the psynergy hand underneath him that flings him into the air, can be charged and covers a great distance, both vertically and horizontally. He can follow up with one attack, right after being lifted.


Move(s) Description
Whirling Fortress Bowser retreats into his shell which begins to rapidly spin and gains height. When used on the ground, he move across the ground very fast.


Move(s) Description
Super Jump Punch Does a jumping uppercut, dealing a hit while making a coin fly out of the opponent. Can be sweet spotted for it to be a powerful, flame effect attack.


Move(s) Description
Power of Flight Soars into the air by using the Power of Flight granted by Palutena. The flight's direction can be angled in any way except downwards.


Move(s) Description
Pac-Jump Transforms into his wedge form and produces a trampoline to bounce off of. Will only gives helpless if broken, and will give helpless to whoever breaks it.


Move(s) Description
Wave Dodge Sandbag spins and, if a direction is held, moves for a short distance in that direction, somewhat akin to air dodging in Melee. If no direction is pressed, Sandbag will be put into a helpless state.


Move(s) Description
Fire Bird Flames gather around Falco, and then Falco is launched into the air while yelling "Fire!" in the chosen direction, dealing flame damage to any opponent that he touches.

Bandana Dee

Move(s) Description
Spear Copter Twirls the spear he is holding to resemble a helicopter blade where he will slow down his falling speed and be able to use it as a horizontal recovery move.


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