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Green Missile
Smashville Beta 4
Mario symbol
User Luigi
Universe Mario

Green Missile, (ルイージロケット, Ruīji Roketto, lit.: Luigi Rocket), is Luigi's down attack in Super Smash Flash and his side special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Luigi will go into a crouched position while charging, when the special button is let go off, he launches himself sideways like a rocket. The amount of distance covered along with how much damage and knockback the move does depends on how long the move is charged. However, there is a chance of a "misfire" happening, which will increase the distance and knockback of the move. The chance of a misfire happening is 12.5% on the ground and 8% in the air.

Standard special move Fireball
Side special move Green Missile
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Unknown

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