A glitch is a common term for any behaviors or interactions in a video game that are not intended by the developers. They are usually caused by programming errors within the game's coding.

There are many different kinds of glitches, as they can appear almost anywhere within the code. Some glitches will crash the game or otherwise render it unplayable, while others are relatively harmless, or even enhance the game. Some glitches are caused by damaged games. Some only activate when the player presses a certain sequence of input commands (pressing buttons). Other glitches can actually create new levels occasionally made randomly and haphazardly, and others allow players to guide their character off-screen, sometimes granting them access to other glitch-like areas (usually composed of many garbled symbols) and even unused parts of stages.

Glitches in Super Smash Flash

Since Super Smash Flash was coded by an inexperienced Cleod9 as his first major project in a period of four months, it is not the most stable Flash game out there. Below is a list of some notable glitches in the original Super Smash Flash.

Damage input flaw

This is technically not a glitch but rather a game flaw that leads to several unintended behaviours that are worth noticing. Because the game's method for determining damage calculations is broken on a fundamental level, when an attack makes contact with the opponent, rather than apply the damage for an attack once, it applies the damage on every frame that the move's hitbox is overlapping the opponent's hurtbox. This results in attacks that deal ludicrous amounts of damage across the board, with some moves being capable of dealing over 100% in a single attack.

Instant-KO attack

A product of the flaw mentioned above, this is the most infamous glitch in Super Smash Flash, being so prevalent and unavoidable that it has become synonymous with SSF's physics. There is a part on each of the game's attack's hitbox (practically any hitbox in the game has it, though it is normally more evident on the up attack and the down aerial's hitbox) that will, on contact with a moving player at around 50%, cause them to shoot sideways at a high velocity, causing them to get knocked-out almost instantly. Because of this, matches in SSF tend to be over in a matter of seconds. As a result of its prevalence, it almost single-handedly defines the metagame; the most important trait for determining character viability is based on how easy it is to get an instant-KO attack off on their opponent. Despite the name, this glitch is not comparable to the one-hit KO (whom it should not be confused with) for the reasons specified above.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are not exempt from this glitch, having a number of instant-KO attacks themselves, including a pushing move that sends the player straight up. Because of this, unlocking InuYasha proves to be incredibly difficult without use of the skip glitch or the easy avoidable Hands glitch listed below, as failure to dodge even a single attack can lead to the loss of a stock.

Skip glitch

One of the more popular glitches in Super Smash Flash due to the beneficial results it can be exploited for but also for other curiosities. It can be used in Classic mode, Adventure mode and All-Star mode. The glitch has two methods of executing: one by opening the right-click menu and selecting "play", and the other by pressing Ctrl along with an arrow key. If forward is clicked or Ctrl+Right is pressed while in any of these game modes, the computer will be tricked into passing the player to the next level, as each game screen is essentially treated as its own "movie"; contrarily, clicking rewind or Ctrl+Left forces the player to replay the previous level. This glitch is unable to function properly in the Target Test, however, as not only does it not advance the player to the next level, it restarts the level with another fighter's target layout in a fixed order, forcing unusual and occasionally impossible situations. This is notable with Kirby, who is sent into Knuckles's layout, which has a target that is inaccessible without his boulders. When performed by Zero, the last character ID in the roster, the game will go back to the Target Test character select, aborting Classic mode.

This also leads to another glitch called the night glitch (see below). The following glitches involve the skip glitch:

Night glitch

Night glitch

Night glitch with Mario.

This glitch can only be found in Target Test. To exploit this glitch, the player has to finish the character(s)'s target test; immediately after the announcer says "Complete!" or "New Record!", the player must use the skip glitch. This will restart the level in a purple tone, dubbed fittingly the "night glitch." This glitch is often accidentally triggered when players, impatient with the results screen, blithely clicks Ctrl+Right/Forward and finds themselves stuck in Target Test yet again with a differently-colored background.

Cloud and Crono's fast-unlock method

The skip glitch can also be exploited to challenge and unlock Cloud and Crono without using the intended methods of completing 100-Man Melee and 3-Minute Melee.

The player has to start a round of Cruel Melee with any character. Once the match has begun, the player must use the skip glitch method and the Multi-Man Melee will be completely skipped, which will access the character selection screen for Burly Brawl Melee even if it has not been unlocked yet. The player must start and skip a Burly Brawl match in the same way, leaving with the Challenger Approaching! screen for Cloud, where victory will unlock him. This glitch can be repeated over and over, even with Cloud himself, and the notice that reads he has been unlocked will also be shown again upon defeating him. Said notice will also be recorded again in the Special section on Data.

Using the skip glitch once more during Cloud's unlock match or during the notice that reads Cloud has been unlocked, will take the player to the Challenger Approaching! screen for Crono. As with Cloud's method, it can be repeated over and over with any character, even Crono, and the notice will also be recorded again on the Special section on Data.

Blank menu glitch

Attempting the skip glitch during Crono's match or the notice screen, it will take the player to an empty menu screen with an unusable Back button. To solve this, either closing the window or, preferably, using the skip glitch again, which will take the player to the character select screen for Training mode and everything will go back to normal, albeit with themes of Final Destination and the Menu music overlapping each other.

Null character

If the skip glitch is used on a character selection screen without choosing a character first, an empty character will be chosen with no sprites and no collisions. This character will fall through the stage and die immediately.

If this is done on Target Test, the null character will fall infinitely, showing a permanently white screen, because Kirby's Hub Room has no blast line programmed.

Note that this will only happen in situations where the game expects there to always be a character, such as when the null character is player 1. Attempting in Training mode or Melee mode with any player other than 1 while player 1 does have a character chosen will simply create a one-person match. In the case of the latter, a stock match will end instantly, assuming the only player to be the last one standing and, therefore, the winner.

Empty All-Star


Knuckles fighting the last match of All-Star mode against one Mr. Game & Watch and two null characters. Note the damage counters.

If the skip glitch is used in the All-Star mode, the current opponent will be taken out of the rotation as if they were defeated, but the game will not advance the player's progress in the mode. This leaves a gap in the lineup, which is filled by an extra Mr. Game & Watch at the end. The more times a player uses this glitch, the more times they will have to fight Mr. Game & Watch. If all characters are eliminated in this way, a single Mr. Game & Watch will be fought repeatedly, even as the mode advances to where two or three opponents are supposed to appear; the remaining opponent slots are occupied with null characters.

Master Hand pause glitch

There is a glitch while fighting Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand that facilitates facing these bosses; when they attack the player and then they pause the match, both Hands' animation attack will continue but the player will not take any damage. This can be exploited by repeatedly pausing the instant the Hands strike.

Early Final Destination

For unknown reasons, the unlockable stage Final Destination becomes available for VS mode and Training mode whenever the player unlocks a character. It disappears once the player closes the game, though, but can be repeated by unlocking another character. This glitch can be the result of Final Destination's unlock method, which requires the player to unlock all the secret characters.

Item glitches

Item physics glitch

If a player throws an item and pauses the game, the item will make an abrupt stop in place only to resume its way once the game is unpaused. If the item is thrown is midair, it will slowly descend in a straight line until it touches the floor or disappears on-screen. A thrown Bob-omb will immediately explode upon contact with the floor after pausing and will fail to deal any damage and knockback should there was a player in its proximity, unless the game is unpaused right during the quick explosion animation.

Screwy items glitch

This glitch is only possible in Training mode as it requires the player generate a countless amount of items of the same kind while holding or attempting to grab one of the items until they flash, this is noticeable when a glitchy rectangle is visible around the frame of the generated pile of items. Regardless of the item, upon trying to use the item normally, the player will be unable to attack at all afterwards, except for the down attack, as the game still thinks that the character is holding the item; in order to being able to attack again the character must be KO'ed. The effects after attempting to use an item after picking it are the following:

  • Bob-omb: The character gets hit by multiple explosions that deal up to 600% of damage and will usually get instantly KO'd unless the player can react fast enough to stop the launch. Pressing attack again will do nothing.
  • Fan: Every time the player presses attack, the character hits himself/herself and takes damage.
  • Flipper: The character can throw the Flipper over and over again by pressing attack continuously. The Flipper follows the player's eyesight and he/she can move the Flipper by moving the character. If the player throws the Flipper upwards, the character hits himself/herself and takes damage.
  • Fire Flower: Every time the player presses attack, the character burns himself and takes damage.
  • Heart Container: The character can hold and use it, but it will have no effect. If a CPU player runs into it, it will use the item and recover damage. After that, the character cannot attack except for the down attack. There are times no oddities will happen and the player will simply pick the Heart Container and recover damage as usual.
  • Home-run Bat: Every time the player presses attack, the character hits himself/herself and takes damage. The bat will always automatically charge a Smash attack and will make its characteristic "Ping" sound effect upon contact with the character but it will not KO him/her as it is expected to do.
  • Maximum Tomato: The character can hold and use it, but it will have no effect. If a CPU player runs into it, it will use the item and recover damage. There are times no oddities will happen and the player will simply eat the Maximum Tomato and recover damage as usual.
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb: It follows the player eyesight and the player can move the bomb by moving the character. It will fly in an exact straight horizontal line. Pressing attack again will do nothing.
  • Saber: Every time the player presses attack, the character hits himself/herself and takes damage.
  • Shell: The character can throw shells over and over again by pressing attack continuously. If the character is using a shell, it follows the player eyesight and the player can move the shell by moving the character. Also, every time the character uses a shell, the character hits himself/herself and takes damage.

Mega explosive damage glitch

SSF Mega Damage glitch

This glitch works in Training mode with either an explosive item, Bob-omb or Motion-Sensor Bomb. For Bob-ombs, the first player must place a large number of Bob-ombs around the second player, then throw a bomb so that it explodes and sets off the other bombs without touching the second player with the initial blast. In the case of Motion-Sensor Bombs, set a bunch of them in one place, then walk into them. If the player or the opponent survived, the player will not be able to use any moves at all. In both cases the bombs will explode in a chain dealing over 1000% damage but with minimal knockback.

Suspended automatic items glitch

Only possible in Training mode, the player has to generate as many Bob-ombs as possible then attack them with a battering-type item, like the Saber or the Home-Run Bat. If done correctly, the Bob-ombs will explode and the item the player attacked with will be suspended in midair, rendered unusable. Pausing and unpausing will cause the item to "come back to life" and automatically charge a Smash attack, hitting the opponent if they get too close. This process can be repeated several times by pausing and unpausing until the item disappears.

Newgrounds leftovers

Newgrounds glitch

Newgrounds leftover on the EXE version.

Only found in the EXE version. By stretching the size of the window widely in the game's title screen, the Newgrounds logo mark that appears in the Newgrounds version of Super Smash Flash will be visible; this mark could be also clicked leading to the Newgrounds homepage. Why this was left is unknown, but it could be merely an oversight of Cleod9 and is merely a leftover of the game, as the Newgrounds version was released first before the EXE version.

Collision detection glitches


Mario inside the plateau.

In Adventure mode's first level, Super Mario World, there are some odd collision detection behaviors on the plateaus and warp pipe found on the stage. If attacked and launched far enough by an enemy, the character will pass through the solid parts, ignoring the collision detection, and get inside the plateaus and warp pipes. The character can get out by merely walking out the direction they were launched in, but there are chances he/she might get stuck in the area, forcing the player to quit.

Similarly, it is possible to clip through the pipe on Peach's Castle, or the floor of Final Destination if the hands hit the player with their Stone Fist technique.

Glitches in Super Smash Flash 2

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Glitches in Yeah Jam Fury

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