Getsuga Tenshō
Getsuga Tenshō in BETA
Bleach symbol
Ichigo using Getsuga Tenshō.
Universe Bleach
User(s) Ichigo
Bankai Ichigo

Getsuga Tenshō (月牙天衝) is Ichigo and Bankai Ichigo's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Ichigo and Bankai Ichigo swing their swords, releasing a strong crescent moon-shaped wave of energy.



Ichigo's version of the attack is a noticeably slow startup attack with very high priority, going through most attacks and projectiles. The projectile can be charged for a short period of time, and there are two variations of the attack depending on how long it's charged for. Without a full charge, the projectile travels somewhat quickly and deals a single hit of 7-9%. When fully charged, the projectile is bigger but travels much more slowly and with less distance, dealing multiple hits that deal 2-3% each.

Its main use is as a defensive field, since its big hitbox and slow movement can help control the stage and deter potential approaches; and as a combo starter, helping Ichigo rush down opponents once it connects.

Bankai Ichigo

Bankai Ichigo's version is called Kuroi Getsuga (黒月牙) and works similarly to early versions of Ichigo's attack; it can be charged on the ground and stored; as it's charged it gets stronger both in knockback and damage, with an uncharged attack dealing a mere 2% with pitiful knockback and a fully charged one dealing a surprising 34% (which can even hit more than once) with really high knockback. The projectile inverts the colors already present.

In the air it works much like Samus' Charge Shot where it will not be able to be charged and instead just an uncharged Kuroi Getsuga will be shot, dealing just 2% instead of the charge level the attack currently is; the charge will not be lost however. Unlike Ichigo, he will not stall in the air and just keep falling at the same speed while performing the attack.

The fully-charged Kuroi Getsuga has a larger hitbox, and has noticeably more knockback and damage output than the uncharged and medium charged variants of the move. While delivering the strike, a wall of Hollow energy surrounds him on either side which will deal damage and knock away any opponents that are close enough. After the attack, Ichigo will rip off his Hollow mask with a shattering noise before his Inner Hollow can do any more damage.

The main drawback to this attack is that it takes about 1/3 of Ichigo's Final Smash bar to charge and even if Ichigo is preparing to unleash the attack, it can be stopped with a single hit though he will be immune to any attacks while unleashing the attack. As a result, the attack ends up being very predictable.



Getsuga Tenshō

Early designs

Kuroi Getsuga


  • Prior to v0.2b of the demo, the Getsuga Tenshō had a purple and black aura. This was recolored red and black.
  • Prior to v0.8a of the demo, the charge of the Getsuga Tenshō could be stored.
  • Prior to Beta 1.0.3, the attack had a rather strong windbox while charging, preventing other characters approaching (especially at the front). It also slowed Ichigo's descent while in the air.
  • An uncharged version of the move was also previously Bankai Ichigo's down special move prior to v0.2b of the SSF2 Demo.
  • For some reason, fully charged Kuroi Getsuga can be out-prioritized by other projectiles such as Mega Man's Super Arm or a regular Getsuga Tenshō.

Standard special move Getsuga Tenshō
Side special move Engetsuzan
Up special move Kōtei-ki Tōshin
Down special move Gazan
Final Smash Bankai Ichigo

Standard special move Kuroi Getsuga
Side special move Yami Shunpō
Up special move Tenburenjin
Down special move Multislash

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