Genki Dama
Dragon Ball symbol
SSJ Goku's down special move.
Universe Dragon Ball
User(s) SSF2 Super Saiyan Goku head

Genki Dama (元気玉) is Super Saiyan Goku's down special move in Super Smash Flash 2. In the manga and anime it is regarded as Goku's ultimate technique and the strongest attack in the series.


When Super Saiyan Goku perform this move, he first uses Instant Transmission to the transport himself at the top center of the stage, he reverts to his regular form, raises his arms and starts charging a huge ball of energy; Goku is also impervious to any damage as he charges it. After it is completely charged, Goku immediately launches the Genki Dama toward the stage. As the Genki Dama falls towards the stage, it starts growing bigger enough to fit almost the size of a small stage like Battlefield. If opponents come in contact with the Genki Dama, it will become trapped and it will deal about 80%, if opponent is hit in the middle, it can do damage up to 270%, making it one of the most damaging moves. However, despite its great power, the Genki Dama is a very slow and predictable move and can be easily dodged on bigger stages as it slowly descends toward the center of a stage, and in addition, it does not offer any knockback.



Son Goku performing the Genki Dama in the anime Dragon Ball Z.

In the manga and anime, Genki Dama is a technique created by North Kaio (北の界王) and is one of two techniques he taught to Goku, the other being Kaiō-ken, when he trained in the other world. Genki Dama is formed by gathering huge amounts of energy from all chosen surrounding life forms, and conduct that energy into a massive sphere of astounding destructive power. Energy takes the visual form of sparkling, glittering wisps when adding to the mass. The creation of the attack promotes a calm breeze away from the bomb, which turns into a strong continuous gale and expels colorful bands or radiation of Northern Lights-esque aurora. When used it is quite swift, and if the user is not careful, the Genki Dama could obliterate a planet. To use the Genki Dama, one must have a pure heart (like Goku), so they can manipulate and gather energy, otherwise the move can backfire and possibly hurt or kill the user. This explains why Super Saiyan Goku reverts to his regular form when creating the Genki Dama, as the Super Saiyan form corrupts the heart of the user with malice.



Standard special move Super Kamehameha
Side special move Ryū-ken
Up special move Instant Transmission
Down special move Genki Dama