Fox Illusion
Fox Illusion
Universe Star Fox
User Fox

Fox Illusion (フォックスイリュージョン, Fokkusu Iryūjon) is Fox's side attack in Super Smash Flash and Fox's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Fox darts forward, leaving a blue trail behind him. It has long start up lag that is not present in any of the main games. If the player hits the special button just as Fox is about to dart, Fox will instead not dart and just cancel the attack, but will still be put into a helpless state unless he grabs a ledge or lands on a platform. The attack itself deals 7% to any opponent whom is hit. The move has a small ledge sweet spot which makes recovering with this move tricky. A shortened Illusion, has a bigger sweet spot, but it is still small.


Standard special move Blaster
Side special move Fox Illusion
Up special move Fire Fox
Down special move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster

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