This article is about Fox's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Fox McCloud.
Fox McCloud
in Super Smash Flash
Universe Star Fox
Availability Starter
Tier A (7)

Fox is a starter character in Super Smash Flash and the sole representative of the Star Fox franchise. Most of his attacks are based on his special moves from the Super Smash Bros. games, unlike most of the other characters who use punches and kicks.

Fox is ranked 7th on the tier list, giving him the largest increase in tier position from the previous list. He has fast attacks, a good projectile with a large hitbox, a special that boosts his horizontal recovery, and a fast Reflector capable of racking up damage very quickly. He also has a spike in Fire Fox, giving him a good edge guard ability.

However, Fox has a disappointingly slow air speed and no momentum canceling attacks, which all but forces him to use Fox Illusion offstage. His instant kill attacks are overall sub-par and lack range. He has difficulty dealing with disjointed hitboxes and can be out-zoned by many other projectile users.

While he is not the dominating force of this game, he is still a strong character, worthy of his high ranking.


Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Blaster Fox pulls out his gun and fires a single laser shot. The beam is exceptionally weak but travels and comes out rather quickly. Unlike latest iterations of Super Smash Bros., the attack does cause knockback. Fox-neutral
Side attack Fox Illusion Fox moves forward at a really high speed, causing an afterimage of him in its path and damaging anyone that comes in contact with him. It's one of the few moves in the game to aid with recovery, giving Fox a slight edge at surviving than most characters. Fox-side
Up attack N/A Fox does standard kick that sends opponents upwards. It's his only attack that is not based on a special move from the Super Smash Bros. series. Fox-up
Down attack Reflector Fox covers himself on a blue short-ranged energy field, surrounding him completely. Unlike the Reflector in the official titles, this move does not have the ability to reflect projectiles and cannot be held indefinitely either, only does damage. Fox-down
Down aerial Fire Fox Fox engulfs himself in fire as he plummets to the ground at great speed. It's direction is always the same and cannot be angled unlike the official titles. Since it can be interrupted with a jump, it can give Fox greater control of his movement as a pseudo-fast falling. Fox-downair


  • Oddly, Blaster does not do any damage to Master Hand.
    • This same attack is stronger than all of its official games counterparts, but is considered very weak due to the physics of the game.

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