L & BM

Black Mage's forward throw.

A forward throw is a throw performed by pressing forward on the keyboard after having grabbed and while holding the enemy. Most forward throws don't have the power nor the combo ability to be very useful.

List of forward throws

Character Forward throw Damage
Mario Swings the enemy around once and throws its forward. 9%
Ichigo Reels enemy back with one hand and then throws its forward. 8%
Bankai Ichigo Slashes the opponent forward. 12%
Kirby Does a flip in midair with the opponent, then lands and slams him/her into the ground, sending him/her forward. 8%
Link Kicks the opponent forward. 9%
Sonic Kicks the enemy diagonally forward. 7%
Super Sonic Kicks the enemy on a semi-spike angle. 9%
Sora Hits enemy with three strikes from his keyblade. 4%
Naruto Throws the enemy forward along with two kunai right after. 3%
Kyūbi Naruto Slashes the opponent forward with his claws. 10%
Ness Uses his PSI powers to psychokinectally spin him/her in a small arc, and then throw the enemy forward. 9%
Tails Throws the enemy over his head forward with both hands. 7%
Lloyd Stabs the enemy with a sword forward, then stabs the enemy with the other sword forward. 6%
Mega Man Unknown. Unknown.
Goku Reels back a bit, then slams his energy into the enemy, which launches him/her forward. 12%
Goku (Kaiō-ken) Reels the enemy back before pushing him/her forward with energy. 15%
Super Saiyan Goku Punches the enemy, then kicks him/her, and then finally roundhouse kicks him/her away. The move delay a bit to the knockback connect, making possible to infinite chain grabs, until Super Saiyan Goku turns back to normal. 5%
Wario Throws the enemy diagonally forward over his head. 10%
Wario-Man Same as Wario's, except with more power. 9%
Peach Slaps the enemy forward. 10%
Black Mage Creates a tornado, then spins the enemy in it, then launches him/her forward. 1%
Pikachu Throws the enemy on his back, then electrocutes him/her, sending the victim forward. 4 hits. 2%
Donkey Kong Carries them on his back as if he/she was a barrel until he throws them in one of the two directions, or until the victim escapes if held for too long. 8% if he throws the opponent.
Yoshi Spits them out forward. 7%
Fox Reels back a bit, then punches the opponent forward. 8%
Captain Falcon Hits the opponent forward with his wrist. 5%
Bomberman Pushes the victim forward, then falls flat on his face. 10%
Zelda Telekinectally throws the opponent forward. 12%
Sheik Elbows the opponent forward. 10%
Samus Slings the enemy over her head, then throws the enemy forward with her Grapple Beam. 9%
Jigglypuff Puffs up a bit once, forcing the opponent diagonally forward. 12%
Meta Knight Flip kicks the opponent diagonally forward. 5%
Zero Suit Samus Zaps the opponent with a paralyzer blast from the paralyzer. 9%
Marth Grabs and pushes forward, tripping with the leg. 4%
Chibi-Robo Hits the opponent away with his electrical cord. 9%
Isaac Throws his opponent forward with the psynergy hand. Unknown.
Bowser Throws his opponent forward using his head. Unknown.
Mr. Game & Watch Juggles the enemy as a ball, then the enemy is launched forward. Based on Ball. Unknown.
Luigi Spins his opponent around once and tosses the opponent forward. Unknown.

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