Chibi electrocute

Chibi-Robo attacking Donkey Kong with his forward smash.

A forward smash, also known as a side smash is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2. It is used by pressing on to the left/right button and the attack button at the same time. Like the other Smash attacks, these attacks can be charged. This kind of smash attack is usually the strongest one and is usually meant for horizontal KO's.

List of forward smash attacks

Character Description Damage (uncharged) Damage (fully charged)
Black Mage Thundaga; Black Mage fires a thunderbolt at the opponent. When fully charged, a column of thunder appears out of a thunder hole every few seconds, electrocuting anyone that gets struck. 14% 20%
Bomberman Throws an extremely powerful punch forward. 15% 21%
Bowser Performs a very strong headbutt. Unknown. Unknown.
Captain Falcon Strikes the opponent with his flaming elbow. 20% 28%
Chibi-Robo Throws his electrical cord at the opponent. Hits up to five times. 19% 27%
Donkey Kong Claps his hands together in front of himself. 20% 28%
Fox Does a cartwheel kick forward once. 12% 22%
Goku Strikes in front of himself with a single, powerful punch. 15% 21%
Kaiō-ken Goku Throws a single, powerful punch forward. 18% N/A
Ichigo Raises his sword above his head and slashes downwards powerfully. 15% 27%
Isaac Unsheathes his sword and leaps forward while slashing. 14% Unknown.
Jigglypuff Jumps forward with a flying kick. 16% 23%
Kirby Also jumps forward with a flying kick. 15% 21%
Link Powerfully slashes with the Master Sword. The player can press the regular attack button again to do a second slash with the sword. 10%
Lloyd Beast; Lloyd creates a head of a beast from his energy that attacks the enemy. 14% 20%
Luigi Thrusts his arm out with an open hand karate chop. Unknown. Unknown.
Mario Shoots out a short-ranged explosive fireball in front of himself. 19%
Marth Leans back very far, then swings his sword forwards in a full 180 degree arc over his head. 14%
Mega Man Hard Knuckle; Mega Man fires a short-ranged robotic fist right in front of himself. 9% 16%
Meta Knight Reels his sword to be in front of himself, then he quickly slashes his sword forward. 14% 20%
Mr. Game & Watch Attacks with a lit match. This has a sweetspot and sourspot. Unknown. Unknown.
Naruto Lunges forward while kicking his foot out in a 90-Degree angle. Dubbed the "Sparta Kick". 14% 20%
Ness Swings his baseball bat in front of himself which can reflect projectiles. Randomly a "SMAAAASH!!" text will appear above Ness when performing the move, which deals substantially more knockback. 12%
Peach Swings either a tennis racket, golf club, or a frying pan in front of herself. 12%
Pikachu Creates and unleashes a short-ranged bolt of electricity in front of himself. 20% 28%
Samus Reels her cannon back, then thrusts her arm cannon forward. 16% 23%
Sheik Does two spinning kicks, while jumping forward twice. 5%
Sonic Winds up his fist by swinging it repeatedly, and then punches in front of himself with good power. 13% 19%
Sora Reels the key to behind himself, then thrusts the key forward abruptly. 12% 17%
Tails Claps his hands together in front of himself as his hands enlarge. 15% 21%
Wario Spins around and unleashes a powerful backfist with his enlarged hand. 16% 23%
Yoshi Reels his head back, then moves forward a bit while swinging his head in front of himself. 12% 17%
Zelda Thrusts her hands forward and deals multiple hits with her magic. 19% 28%
Zero Suit Samus Lashes forward with the whip. 10%

List of Final Forms' forward smash attacks

Final Form Description Damage (uncharged) Damage (fully charged)
Bankai Ichigo Same as Ichigo's, except it is more powerful and has more range than Ichigo's. 17% 24%
Kyūbi Naruto Slashes his claw in front of himself in a small arc. 15% 21%
Super Sonic Same as Sonic's, except it has less range, but it is more powerful than Sonic's. 14% 20%
Super Saiyan Goku Unleashes a small spherical energy blast in front of himself with both hands. 18% 24%
Wario-Man Turns into the Zangief version of himself and kneels while doing an hook uppercut. 20% 28%

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