Mega Man's forward aerial hitting Mario.

A forward aerial is an aerial attack in Super Smash Flash 2 that can be performed by pressing the direction the character is facing, and while holding it, pressing the attack button. Some are meteor smashes and need to be sweet spotted while others are semi-spikes.

List of Forward Aerial Attacks

Character Forward Aerial Damage
Mario Swings his hand in a downward arc, which will meteor smash if sweetspotted. 13%
Kirby Kicks forward thrice in a circular motion. 3 hits. 4%
Ichigo Uses Shunpō, teleports forward and slashes his blade in front of himself. 13%
Bankai Ichigo Swings his blade in an downwards arc in front of himself. It can powerfully semi-spike opponents. 15%
Lloyd Swings a sword in an downward arc. 11%
Sonic Spins around like a top head first forward with his quills damaging the opponents, and causing slashing effects. 7 hits. 2%
Super Sonic Does a flip with his leg outstretched while swinging it in a downwards arc. It can powerfully meteor smash victims. 2 hits. 17%
Link Swing the Master Sword in front of himself twice in a circular motion. 11%
Naruto Axe Kick; He starts by bringing his leg up and then swinging it down in an arc, which meteor smashes the opponent. 14%
Kyūbi Naruto Swings his claws in a downwards arc. It's meteor smashing properties can be exploited if sweetspotted. 16%
Mega Man Rush Drill; Thrusts a drill in front of himself, which will spin around and slow his descent. 3 hits. 2%
Sora Swings his keyblade in front of himself in an downwards arc. 10%
Ness Holds out his hands to unleash a stream of PSI sparks. 4 hits 3%
Peach Takes off her crown and swings it in a downwards arc. 15%
Goku Does a double-axe handle punch in a downwards arc. It semi-spikes if sweetspotted. 11%
Kaiō-ken Goku Same as Goku's, except faster and it will semi-spike, regardless of where the hit connects. 14%
Super Saiyan Goku Same as Goku and Kaiō-ken Goku's, except its much faster and extremely powerful, and like Kaiō-ken Goku, all its hitboxes can semi-spike. 16%
Tails Swings both his tails in front of him once. 6%
Wario Does a sex kick. 7%
Wario-Man Same as Wario's, except it can keep Wario-Man afloat. 11%
Black Mage Does the "Chocobo Kick" in front of himself. 9%
Captain Falcon Does the "Knee Smash", which can be extremely powerful if sweetspotted. 19%
Donkey Kong Swings his hands in a downwards arc in a similar fashion to Goku, except it has a bigger range and will meteor smash if connected when the fist are coming down. 15%
Fox Kicks in front of himself separately with both legs five times in total. 5 hits 6%
Pikachu Spins forward like a top headfirst in a simliar fashion to Sonic, except it deals electrical effects instead of slashing effects. 11%
Yoshi Swings his head in a downward arc in front of himself. A powerful meteor smash. 11%
Bomberman Does a powerful headbutt in front of himself. 12%
Meta Knight Quickly swings his sword, Galaxia, thrice in front of himself. 3%
Zelda Does her famous "Lighting Kick", which can be very powerful if sweetspotted. 15%
Sheik Swings her hand in a downwards arc very quickly. Semi-spikes the opponent and is a powerful finisher. 13%
Samus Unleashes five explosions from her arm cannon in an downward arc. 5 hits. 4%
Jigglypuff Kicks forwards with both feet. 10%.
Zero Suit Samus Two forward kicks. 7%
Marth Forward vertical slash from up to down. 9%
Chibi-Robo Uses a spoon to scoop the victims upwards. 10%
Isaac Unsheathes his sword and does a horizontal slash around himself. This attack can be angled to down. 10%
Bowser Slashes forward with his claw. Unknown.
Mr. Game & Watch Takes out a box and attacks with it. Damage depends on how long move last. Unknown.
Luigi Raises his hand up and brings it down with a karate chop. Unknown.

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