Smash symbol
Food in Super Smash Flash 2
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appearances Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Recovery
Description Replenish damage when eaten

Food is an item that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It doesn't appear in Super Smash Flash, though it does appear in the game's sequel. Different food heal different damage percentage and there are many varieties of Foods.

List of food

Food Healing percent
Aubergine 4%
Bread 4%
Broccoli 4%
Cake 2%
Candy cane 2%
Carrot 5%
Cheese 4%
Cheeseburger 1%
Cherries 10%
Cheri Berry 5%
Chocolate bar 2%
Coffee 3%
Cookie 2%
Corn 5%
Doughnut 2%
Eggs 4%
Energy Capsule 4%
Flan 3%
French fries 1%
Grapes 10%
Green pepper 10%
Hamburger 1%
Hot dog 1%
Ice cream bar 1%
Ice cream cone 1%
Invincible Candy 2%
Kiwi 1%
Lon Lon Milk 3%
Melon 10%
Milk carton 3%
Onigiri 2%
Orange 10%
Orange juice 3%
Pancakes 1%
Peach 5%
Pizza slice 1%
Rāmen 4%
Rare Candy 2%
Roast meat 4%
Root beer float 3%
Sea-Salt Ice Cream 3%
Shaved ice 3%
Soda can 3%
Strawberry 5%
Tomato 5%
Triangle sandwich 4%
Watermelon slice 10%
Whole chicken 4%



  • As a small easter egg, some of the food is a reference originating from other videogame franchises. These include the Rare Candy and Cheri Berry from Pokémon, the Energy Capsule from Mega Man, the Invincible Candy from Kirby (although it doesn't grant invincibility to the player), the Lon Lon Milk from The Legend of Zelda, the Sea-Salt Ice Cream from Kingdom Hearts, the Pork Chop from the Minecraft franchise, the Ramen from Naruto, and the iconic meat from One Piece.

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