Floor attack

Sonic's floor attack.

A floor attack is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2 a character can use while lying on the ground. It is done by pressing the regular attack button after the character has crashed to the ground without teching. It is usually not very powerful but it has high base knockback, as it is primarily intended to make space.

List of floor attacks

Character Description Damage
Bandana Dee Spins around with his spear. 5%
Black Mage Swings his staff on both sides. 5%
Bomberman Does a roundhouse kick on both sides along the ground. 8%
Bowser Sweeps with his claws twice, first in front of him, then behind him. 6%
Captain Falcon Performs a headstand and spin kicks horizontally. 6%
Chibi-Robo Gets up and aims his electrical cord at the ground. 8%
Donkey Kong Does a headbutt as he jumps up. 6%
Falco Does a quick getup and kicks both sides. 6%
Fox Does a quick getup and kicks both sides. 5%
Goku Jumps up legs first from the ground, hitting anyone close. 10%
Ichigo Slashes behind him first, then in front of him. 6%
Isaac Pushes opponents with a hand, turns backwards and punches with the other hand, while crouched. 8%
Jigglypuff Sticks both feet out. 9%
Kirby Spins and attacks, sticking his feet out. 0%
Link Slashes in front of himself, then behind himself. 5%
Lloyd Swings his sword in an arc, starting from in front of him. 6%
Luffy Low-kicks forward, then backwards. 6%
Luigi Stands up and chops behind him, then in front of him. 5%
Mario Does a breakdance kick. 5%
Marth Quick stab to the left and right. 4%
Mega Man Kicks in both sides. 7%
Meta Knight Thrusts Galaxia in front of himself, then slashes behind himself. 5%
Mr. Game & Watch Gets out a hammer and slams it in front of him, then behind him. Based on Vermin. 6%
Naruto Punches in front of himself, then kicks behind himself. 10%
Ness Kicks both sides. 5%
PAC-MAN Kicks low on both sides. 6%
Peach Slaps both sides of herself. 6%
Pikachu Spins his body around. 5%
Pit Slashes behind himself, then in front of himself. 7%
Samus Swings one leg around. 8%
Sandbag Jumps up and hits both ways. 6%
Sheik Holds her legs out while spinning and balancing on her head. 4%
Sonic Spins around and kicks both sides of him. 8%
Sora Spins around while holding out his Keyblade. 5%
Tails Spins around, attacking with his tails. 6%
Wario Punches in front of himself, then behind himself. 5%
Yoshi Swings his tail on both sides. 5%
Zelda Sticks leg out. Only hits in front of her. 6%
Zero Suit Samus Does a break dance kick. 8%