No This article/section contains information pertaining to unused content from games and similar media.

This means it was never implemented into the game or was removed, cut or altered at some point of its development, and this article pertains to its original implementation.

Flaming Jump Punch
Universe Mario
User Fire Mario

Flaming Jump Punch was Fire Mario's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Fire Mario did a large jump with his arm covered in fire, dealing a whopping 14 hits to nearby foes. He then rolled and fell like a meteor. This move sent Fire Mario higher vertically than the regular Super Jump Punch, but less horizontally. In addition, Fire Mario could not be controlled at all for the first few seconds after ending the move. It could also be used to "fly" by using an aerial attack when he reached max height then using it again and repeating the process.


Standard Special Move Super Fireball / Mario Finale
Side special move Golden Cape
Up special move Flaming Jump Punch
Down special move Firewall Tornado

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