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Super PAC-MAN, a unique Final Smash.

A Final Smash is a special move that debuted in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and reappears in Super Smash Flash 2. Final Smashes are incredibly powerful in comparison to all other attacks and, if properly executed, usually have the capacity to KO at least one opponent. Final Smashes performed correctly will give its user a great advantage, and may help them to turn the tide of battle. To perform a Final Smash, a player must destroy a Smash Ball and then press the special move button. Only one Smash Ball can appear at any given time, but a new one can spawn after the Final Smash is used. However, the player who possesses the Smash Ball must be careful prior to using their Final Smash to not allow it to be knocked out of them by any of the opponents.

Types of Final Smashes

While Final Smashes tend to be unique among characters, there are certain categories they can be sorted into.

  • Directional - These Final Smashes launch an attack in a single direction, which may or may not be controlled. This kind of Final Smash has a blind spot, usually behind the attacker, where targets can hide.
  • Final Form - These Final Smashes involve the character transforming, temporarily gaining a new, stronger moveset that can quickly KO opponents. The transformations usually buff up the character's existing moveset, but can sometimes give them different attacks.
  • Focused - These Final Smashes affect nearby opponents in any direction. Targets can avoid the move by getting out of range, so they're most effective in smaller stages.
  • Trapping - These Final Smashes attack a certain area, grab anyone inside said area (or just a single character), and lay down an inescapable beating. They generally have a small initial range, and will fail if there are no targets caught.
  • Semi-Final Form - These Final Smashes involve a character transforming, but they cannot be controlled to the extent of a regular final form. Typically, they have a moveset consisting of 1-3 attacks.
  • Transformation - These Final Smashes involve a character transforming, similar to the Final Form and Semi-Final form, but they have a completely different form of control than that of a regular character.
  • Stage-Wide - These Final Smashes affect a large area, usually covering the whole stage. However, they may be less effective on larger stages.

List of Final Smashes

This is the complete list of all the Final Smashes in Super Smash Flash 2. Few of them are unknown due to new sprites or new ideas, all of the information below are subject to change:

Character Final Smash Type
Bandana Dee Unknown. Unknown.
Black Mage Random Encounter Stage-Wide
Bomberman Revenge Focused
Bowser Unknown. Unknown.
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Trapping
Chibi-Robo Giga-Robo Focused
Donkey Kong Arcade Stage-Wide
Falco Unknown. Unknown.
Fox Landmaster Semi-Final Form
Goku Super Saiyan Goku Final Form
Ichigo Bankai Ichigo Final Form
Isaac Unknown. Unknown.
Jigglypuff Puff Up Focused
Kirby Cook Kirby Trapping
Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Lloyd Falcon's Crest Trapping
Luffy Unknown. Unknown.
Luigi Unknown. Unknown.
Mario Mario Finale Directional
Marth Critical Hit Directional
Mega Man Unknown Unknown
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness Trapping
Mr. Game & Watch Unknown. Unknown.
Naruto Kyūbi Naruto Final Form
Ness PK Starstorm Stage-Wide
PAC-MAN Super PAC-MAN Tranformation
Peach Peach Beam Focused
Pikachu Volt Tackle Transformation
Pit Unknown. Unknown.
Samus Zero Laser Directional
Sonic Super Sonic Final Form
Sora Trinity Limit Trapping
Tails Tornado Stage-Wide
Wario Wario-Man Final Form
Yoshi Super Dragon Semi-Final Form
Zelda/Sheik Light Arrow Directional
Zero Suit Samus Crystal Flash Focused


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