Final Cutter
Final Cutter's ND
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Kirby's up special move.
Universe Kirby
User Kirby

Final Cutter (ファイナルカッター) is Kirby's up special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Kirby pulls out the Cutter, a sword-like ability from the Kirby games, and jumps up into the air, dealing 8% to any opponent who touches him. After the initial jump, Kirby quickly falls down with the sword and again has the potential to deal another 8% before releasing a shockwave when he hits the ground which deals 5% to the opponent. During the falling portion of the move, anyone that hits the blade is heavily meteor smashed. During versions 0.1a to 0.5a, the rising portion of the move would move up significantly high. However, once the modifications to McLeodGaming were being made (this including v0.5b of the SSF2 Demos) Final Cutter had lost most of its jumping ability and Kirby could no longer travel far when performing the jumping portion of this move itself. This attack cannot be canceled, so Kirby must beware when using the move in midair with no ground beneath him as he will not stop the move during the falling portion of the attack (in a similar fashion to Ichigo's down special move, Gazan).


This is based off on the Cutter ability which first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. These could be achieved from enemies like Sir Kibble, which possess a boomerang-like sword. Kirby can throw an unlimited amount of these in most Kirby games (excluding Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) with little charge-up time. Final Cutter is an aerial form that may prove similar to an attack with the Cutter ability in Kirby Super Star.



Kirby helpless

Kirby's unique helpless state after using Final Cutter on a platform.

  • Sometimes when Kirby uses Final Cutter on a certain part of a platform, he will bounce off of it and into a helpless state.

Standard special move Inhale
Side special move Hammer
Up special move Final Cutter
Down special move Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby

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