Falcon's Crest
Falcon Crest
Tales symbol
Lloyd's Final Smash.
Universe Tales
User(s) SSF2 Lloyd head
Type Trapping
Effect Lloyd traps his opponents and proceeds to fuse his Material Blades into the bigger and more powerful Eternal Sword, smashing with a powerful attack with a great knockback.

Falcon's Crest, known in Japan as Imperial Soaring Blue Destructive Slash (天翔蒼破斬), also known as Divine Justice, is Lloyd's Final Smash in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Lloyd thrusts his Vorpal Sword forwards. If it connects with an opponent, he will combine his swords together to form the Eternal Sword and perform rain-like stabs on the victims, doing up to 112%. He then channels energy into the Eternal Sword and does an overhead falling slash that does 40% and sends enemies flying with strong knockback. In total, it does up to 152%. Lloyd then turns the Eternal Sword back into Vorpal Sword and Flameberge.




  • Prior to version 0.2b of the SSF2 Demo, Lloyd used a completely different attack, albeit still called "Falcon's Crest", which released a number of explosions by slamming his sword down to the ground. The attack did not need to connect with any enemy to activate.

Standard special move Demon Fang
Side special move Tempest
Up special move Tiger Blade
Down special move Rising Falcon
Final Smash Falcon's Crest