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S ranking

The event match screen with all the events completed with an S-rank.

Event match, also called event mode, is a single-player mode in Super Smash Flash 2 where the player participates in events. Each event varies, usually containing fights which specific goals and or gimmicks.

How each event starts also varies as at times the player will be forced to use a certain character and will be dragged into the Event as soon as he chooses it. Other times, however, the player will be able to select his character before proceeding onwards into the Event. All opponents within the event are controlled by CPU.

After completing an event, the player will receive a ranking (from best to worse: S, A, B, C, D, E and F) that evaluates its performance of the event, which may be by completing the event in the less amount of time, for receiving the less damage or by KO'ing a specific number of opponents.

List of events

There are a total of 57 events in the game. Completing a set of events will unlock an All-Star event, which after completing it, will unlock the next set of events with increasing difficulty.

# Name Description Character Opponent(s) Stage(s) Objective
1 Troubled King Fight Mario in a classic Mushroom Kingdom clash! Bowser (2 stocks) Mario (2 stocks) Mushroom Kingdom Defeat giant Mario.
2 Fleas Looks like Donkey Kong has a "little" problem. Donkey Kong (3 stocks) Pit (3 stocks)
Tails (3 stocks)
Meta Knight (1 stock)
Jungle Hijinx As a giant Donkey Kong, defeat small Pit, Tails, and Meta Knight.
3 Gourmet Race After an epic showdown, you're damaged pretty seriously... Heal up more than your foes! Yoshi Wario
Dream Land Only food will spawn in this event. The player has to recover damage more than Wario and Kirby in 30 seconds.
4 Battle Revolution It's an all-out Pokémon showdown! Defeat your rival's Pokémon to move on! Choose (1 stock) 2x Pikachu (1 stock)
Jigglypuff (1 stock)
Pokémon Colosseum Defeat two Pikachu and Jigglypuff with Poké Balls.
5 Rockin' Blues Mega Man can't defeat all of these foes by his own! In comes a whistle... Mega Man (2 stocks) Mega Man (1 stock)
Jigglypuff (1 stock)
Skull Fortress Defeat Mega Man and Jigglypuff. Proto Man will be summoned every time to assist.
6 Saving the Saturns ZOOM! SAVE US FROM THE SCARY RUBBER MAN. Ness (2 stocks) Luffy (2 stocks) Saturn Valley Defeat Luffy and avoid the Mr. Saturns to be thrown off the stage.
7 Who Needs Turnips? You think turnips are all I got up my sleeve? I won't need Mario this time. Peach (2 stocks) Bowser (4 stocks) Galaxy Tours Defeat Bowser using Peach's down special move, which now spawns different items.
8 Opposite Day You want me to LOSE in a battle in 30 seconds...?! There must be a catch. Mr. Game & Watch (1 stock) Bowser
PAC-MAZE Try to be KO-ed by Bowser, Zelda, and Ichigo in 30 seconds. (Note that self-destruct is impossible in this stage)
9 You're Too Slow These hedgehogs are way too fast! Maybe if you use a Stop spell... Black Mage (1 stock) 3x Sonic Green Hill Zone Use Black Mage's standard special move to stun all the Sonic.
10 Tag You're It Use an Explosive Tag to deliver the final strikes in this explosive battle. Choose (1 stock) Link (1 stock)
Samus (1 stock)
Peach's Castle Defeat Link and Samus by using the Explosive Tags in one minute.
N/A All-Star Battle v0.1 Duke it out with the original characters added in Super Smash Flash 2's v0.1 demo! Choose (2 stocks) Mario
Galaxy Tours
Rainbow Route
Hueco Mundo
Tower of Salvation
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
11 Laagggggg Well, someone's internet connection isn't the best... Take him out anyway - no johns! Zero Suit Samus (2 stocks) Captain Falcon (2 stocks) Smashville Defeat Captain Falcon. The battle will have occasional lag.
12 Shadow Clone Showdown Only the real Naruto can summon clones! Figure out which he is and KO him! Naruto 3x Naruto Final Valley Defeat Naruto in 2 minutes. Only one of them can be KO to win, the rest will simply respawn.
13 Combo Maker String together a Turbo Mode combo that does at least 50%! Choose Sandbag Waiting Room Reach the giant Sandbag's damage to 50% in 2 minutes. It's damage reset to 0% when it touches the ground.
14 In the Ballpark Are you a real super slugger? Knock your foes out of your park with your Home Run Bat! Ness (1 stock) Pac-Man
Saturn Valley Defeat PAC-MAN, Kirby, and Jigglypuff with the Home-Run Bat only, provided at the start.
15 Sworn To The Sword Prove that two swords are better than one! Lloyd (1 stock) Marth
Castle Siege Defeat Marth, Link, and Ichigo, one by one.
16 Bounty Hunting KO the green Yoshi without harming the innocent bystanders Samus (1 stock) 3x Yoshi (1 stock) Yoshi's Island Defeat the green Yoshi. Don't defeat the other two Yoshis.
17 Dark Link's Advance Defeat the shadow before the darkness envelops you. Link (1 stock) Link (1 stock) Hylian Skies Defeat Dark Link in 48 seconds or before the stage transitions into the Dark World.
18 Target Race How fast can you smash 40 targets? Choose (2 stocks) N/A All Target Smash levels Complete all four levels of Target Smash by breaking the targets.
19 Nightmare in Dreamland Protect Kirby from the enigmatic attackers! Bandana Dee (1 stock)
Kirby as ally (1 stock)
Meta Knight (1 stock)
Black Mage (1 stock)
Dream Land Defeat Meta Knight and Black Mage while avoiding Kirby to be KO'ed.
20 Speed Demon KO your speedy opponent before the time runs out! Captain Falcon (1 stock) Sonic (1 stock) Sand Ocean Defeat Sonic in 30 seconds.
N/A All-Star Battle v0.6 Put yourself to the test against every character added from demo v0.1 to v0.6! Choose (2 stocks) Sonic
Mega Man
Green Hill Zone
Clock Town
Hidden Leaf Village
Skull Fortress
Twilight Town
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
21 Battle of the 99 Heartless? You're surrounded - defeat the army of Heartless! Sora (1 stock) 99x Mr. Game & Watch Twilight Town Defeat all Mr. Game & Watch in groups of four and in varying sizes. Randomly spawns a metal version too.
22 Role Reversal Sandbag rears up for revenge... Land a devastating home-run! Sandbag (1 stock) Random (1 stock) Home-Run Contest stadium Defeat the opponent by using Sandbag's Final Smash.
23 Meteo Campaign Defeat Fox on his home turf! Falco (2 stocks) Fox (3 stocks) Meteo Campaigns Defeat Fox.
24 Restless These poor kids just can't go to sleep. Help them out? Jigglypuff (3 stocks) 3x Ness Nintendo 3DS As a giant Jigglypuff, use its up special move to make all the Ness to sleep in 15 seconds.
25 Luigi Takes Charge! Mario's on vacation. It's up to you to protect Peach this time, Luigi! Luigi
Peach as ally
Bowser Bowser's Castle Don't let Peach to be KO'ed by Bowser for 2 minutes.
26 Cleaning Duty Chibi-Robo's gotta clean up this mess that Wario made before the Sandersons get home. Chibi-Robo (1 stock) Wario (1 stock) Desk Use Chibi-Robo's side special move to clean all the ground marks in the stage.
27 Monkey, Dee, Luffy! A newcomer and a seasoned veteran need to take out Luffy. How will he stack up? Luffy (1 stock) Donkey Kong (1 stock)
Bandana Dee (1 stock)
Gangplank Galleon Defeat Donkey Kong and Bandana Dee.
28 Bomb Factory Malfunction Oh, no! Why is this factory making so many bombs?! And where's my shield?! Bomberman (1 stock) N/A Bomb Factory Survive the constant bomb explosions for as long as you can.
29 The Power of Random You have an infinite arsenal of randomized items... use it to take down your random foes! Random (3 stocks) 3 Randoms (3 stocks) Random Items will always spawn at the fighters' hands. Use them to defeat the opponents.
30 At Your Service The assist trophies are here to assist with your giant opponent problem. Choose (1 stock) Goku (1 stock) Dracula's Castle Defeat giant Goku with the help of Assist Trophies.
N/A All-Star Battle v0.7 These are getting harder - this time, all the crew from v0.7! Choose (2 stocks) Ness
Black Mage
Saturn Valley
Casino Night Zone
Planet Namek
Emerald Cave
Peach's Castle
Chaos Shrine
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
31 A Heavenly Power A heavenly power is protecting you from the evils nearby. Pit (1 stock)
Pit as ally
2x Ness (1 stock) Devil's Machine Defeat both Ness. An invisible giant Pit will provide some help.
32 McLeodGaming Time You only have 3...ish seconds to KO your opponent! Choose (1 stock) Captain Falcon (1 stock) Smashville Defeat Captain Falcon in 8 seconds.
33 Hide 'n' Sheik Only Sheik KOs count. Wait for the change... Choose (2 stocks) 2x Zelda Hylian Skies Defeat both Zelda opponents after they have transformed into Sheik.
34 Mega Microgames The microgames never stop - win them all, and keep an eye on your damage! Wario (1 stock) Wario (2 stocks)
Mario (2 stocks)
Luigi (2 stocks)
WarioWare, Inc. Survive for three microgames in the stage without losing them.
35 Biohazard Black Mage has infected you with his most powerful poison. Take him out before it's too late! Choose (1 stock) Black Mage (1 stock) Lunar Core Defeat Black Mage under a permanent, stronger poisoning effect.
36 Gotta Cherish Them All Pikachu hate Poké Balls. Show these humans what it's like to be trapped in one! Pikachu (3 stocks) Link
Zero Suit Samus
Lake of Rage Defeat all three opponents with Cherish Balls.
N/A All-Star Battle v0.8 Time to battle with the characters added in our v0.8 update! Choose (2 stocks) Pikachu
Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Pokémon Colosseum
Jungle Hijinx
Meteo Campaigns
Yoshi's Island
Sand Ocean
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
37 Fist of the World King Use Kaio-ken to defeat a powerful adversary. Goku (1 stock) Donkey Kong (2 stocks) World Tournament Defeat a giant Donkey Kong, with a permanent Kaiō-ken effect.
38 Pretty in Pink A plethora of powerful pink opponents want to pummel you. Pulverise them! Choose (2 stocks) Peach (1 stock)
Jigglypuff (1 stock)
Kirby (1 stock)
Dream Land Defeat Peach, Jigglypuff, and Kirby.
39 Dawn of the First Day Can you survive 72 hours of Termina's threats and beasts? Link (1 stock) Bowser
Black Mage
Clock Town Survive for 1 minute 45 seconds against giant metal Bowser and giant metal Black Mage.
40 The Mother Brain A classic matchup! Eliminate the Mother Brain! Samus (1 stock) Mother Brain 200 HP Tourian (event exclusive stage) Defeat the Mother Brain.
41 Down with Mario For a good guy, Mario sure has a lot of enemies. Mario (1 stock) Donkey Kong
Mushroom Kingdom III Defeat all three opponents, one by one.
42 Pacmania Pac-Man's[sic] been smashing a lot already - let's make sure he's still got it! PAC-MAN (1 stock) Mr. Game & Watch (1 stock)
Mega Man (1 stock)
Chibi-Robo (1 stock)
PAC-MAZE Defeat all three opponents with PAC-MAN's Final Smash.
43 Swords vs Spears The Hero King must defend his kingdom from the invading army. Marth (2 stocks) 3x Bandana Dee (1 stock) Dracula's Castle Defeat all three Bandana Dees.
44 Climate Changes Crateria's conditions are worsening. Defeat your foes - and avoid the acid rain, or else! Zero Suit Samus (2 stocks) Marth (2 stocks)
(2 stocks)
Goku (2 stocks)
Crateria Defeat Marth, Luigi and Goku and avoid the enhanced acid rain.
N/A All-Star Battle v0.9 A smack down from the past - battle all of the characters added in v0.9 and v0.9b! Choose (2 stocks) Meta Knight
Zero Suit Samus
Dracula's Castle
Bomb Factory
Hylian Skies
Lake of Rage
Phase 8
Castle Siege
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
45 Bob-omb Battlefield These giant bombs are getting in the way... Ichigo (2 stocks) Peach (2 stocks) Battlefield Defeat Peach while avoiding raining, giant Bob-ombs.
46 Eggman Empire Eggman has sent a squadron of robots to take you out! Tails (1 stock) Mega Man
Central Highway Survive for two minutes.
47 The Trouble With Doubles You and your partners share damage. Try to keep each other safe! Choose (2 stocks)
Chosen character as ally (2 stocks)
Fox (2 stocks)
Falco (2 stocks)
Saffron City (64) Defeat both Fox and Falco. Teammates will share the same damage.
48 Pirate Attack Don't let the pirates capture your ship! Donkey Kong (2 stocks) 2x Luffy (2 stocks) Gangplank Galleon Defeat both Luffys.
49 A Night At The Casino Bounce off of each bumper - and hurry! Sonic (2 stocks) Wario (1 stock) Casino Night Zone Hit every bumper in the stage.
50 Metal Clash Battle some vicious metal foes! Choose (1 stock) Mega Man (1 stock)
Bowser (1 stock)
Donkey Kong (1 stock)
Metal Cavern Defeat big metal Bowser, big metal Donkey Kong, and giant metal Mega Man.
N/A All-Star Battle Beta Here's what we've got now! Are you ready? Choose (2 stocks) Isaac
Mr. Game & Watch
Bandana Dee
Bowser's Castle
Flat Zone+
Mushroom Kingdom II
Waiting Room
Nintendo 3DS
Sector Z
Dream Land
Gangplank Galleon
Defeat all opponents, one by one.
51 ????? Y O U *click* D I D I T L E T ' S C E L E B R A T E ! *whrr* Choose (1 stock) 2x Master Hand (500 HP) Final Destination Defeat both Master Hands.



  • After being introduced in demo v0.9a, by clearing all the ten event matches that originally included the game, Jigglypuff would challenge the player were beating it would unlock it.

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