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Fury using his ability to destroy yellow blocks.
Game Yeah Jam Fury
Level number 3
Yellow blocks 11 (0 in player's possession)
Notes Teaches how to use Fury. Third tutorial level.

Eradicate is the third level of the tutorial of the puzzle-platforming game Yeah Jam Fury. It is not necessary to win this level to beat the game, because the player can directly start from the fifth level.


This third level offers the player to play and learn how to use the last character in the game, Fury, using left button will allow the player to destroy blocks and crush yellow blocks by falling down. In this level, like the other tutorials, the player can't switch to Yeah or Jam.

Best times

Rank User Best time
1 xFumbles 00:00:06.29
2 poisonivy254 00:00:06.39
3 Noodoru 00:00:06.46
4 Eggplantoftime 00:00:06.49
5 normaluser 00:00:06.56
6 HaloFanz 00:00:06.59
7 Gokuless 00:00:06.63
8 zxdvas 00:00:06.66
9 jonapi10 00:00:06.69
10 darkhero77 00:00:06.76


  • This is the first level where grey blocks appear,
  • The player can't use any yellow blocks they destroy since the change ability is blocked.

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