An enemy is a computer-controlled characters that serves as an obstacle to the player. Enemies may attack the player in several ways in order to hinder the player's progress, on the other hand, the player may counter them to eliminate any further threat. Enemies have different functions depending on the game, their strength and resistance toward the player may also vary, an enemy that is usually strong than the rest of the enemies seen in a game, is bigger in size and takes several hit to take out is usually called a boss enemy, to an extent, there are also mini-bosses.

There are enemies present in both games of Super Smash Flash series fullfilling many roles depending on the situation. They are usually found in the Adventure mode.

Enemies in Super Smash Flash


Sonic facing two Koopas in Super Mario World.

Enemies appear in the original Super Smash Flash during the Adventure mode and Race to the Finish. There two kinds of enemies in the game: the aerial ones and the land ones. Both kinds behave the same, though, as they follow the player around and can damage him/her by merely touching him/her. Fortunately, they are very weak, considering a single attack is enough to wipe them out. Because of their attributes, aerial enemies have a more open area and are not restricted to a platform, as land enemies do. Because of this, they can continuously chase the player until he/she clears the stage, guides the to an unpassable platform or takes them out with an attack. There are no rewards for beating enemies.

These are the enemies featured in the gamee:

Enemy Type Universe
Beezly Aerial Wario
Buzzer Aerial Sonic
Flying Goomba Aerial Mario
Koopa Troopa Land Mario
Mayu Bird Aerial Wario
Pearl Bird Aerial Wario
Spear-Mask Land Wario

Enemies in Super Smash Flash 2

Enemies are set to reappear in SSF's reboot, Super Smash Flash 2. Enemies have been presented for the game's Adventure mode, where pre-rendered screenshot showed the presence of various enemies from different series. It is assumed enemies will no longer be restricted by two kinds, as they were in SSF, and will have different behaviours to react toward the player, this includes tougher enemies on higher difficulties. Throughout SSF2 development, there has been constant change on listings for enemies given the change of the development team, therefore, everything is subject to be changed at anytime and some may or may not make it into the final build.

These are the enemies that were last shown on the fifth Smash Flash DOJO!!! prior its sixth renovation, all were set to appear on Adventure mode:

Enemy Universe
Angry Sun Mario
Boo Mario
Bronto Burt Kirby
Bullet Bill Mario
Goomba Mario
Koopa Troopa Mario
Piranha Plant Mario
Waddle Dee Kirby

The Flash Of Shadows enemies

Besides the enemies listed above, SSF2 is set to feature an additional Adventure mode. At the time of its announcement in the second Smash Flash DOJO!!!, it was originally called The Flash Of Shadows and included several prerendered screenshots which also hinted the presence of now-defucted enemies called the CuBots, which were robot-enemies that would have come in different varieties. Screenshots also hinted the presence of enemies from the Donkey Kong series including Kritters, Gnawties and Mini-Neckies. Since the script for this Adventure mode was scrapped in favor of a new one, everything has now been deconfirmed.

Other enemies

Aside the Adventure mode, there are special enemies that appear as hazards on certain stages. These enemies cannot be damaged nor defeated, as such, it is preferable for the player to simply avoid them. These includes the Thwomp from Bowser's Castle; the Mets, Battons and Sniper Joe 01 from Skull Fortress; Mithos Yggdrassil from Tower of Salvation; or the Banzai Bill from Peach's Castle.

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