This article is about the stage level 6 of Classic and Adventure mode takes place. For the level itself, see Race to the Finish.
Emerald Hill Zone
Race to the Finish
Emerald Hill Zone (Race to the Finish) in Super Smash Flash.
Universe Sonic
Appearance Super Smash Flash
Size Very long
Availability Single-player only
Music track(s)
  • Emerald Hill Zone

There exists two extended, single-player versions of the Emerald Hill Zone stage in Super Smash Flash, that appear on Race to the Finish. Both function as the sixth level of both Classic mode and Adventure mode. Players must traverse these stages comprised of two large platforms divided by a massive gap filled with a slapdash arrangement of smaller platforms. The large platform on the far left marks the starting point, while the large platform on the far right contains the finishing platform. throughout the entire stage, the player is constantly harassed by swarms of Buzzers, robotic-bee enemies from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, that serve mostly to intercept players, robbing them of their jumps and forcing them into the abyss below.


There are two different versions of this stage. The Classic mode iteration is relatively short and follows a straight path, while the Adventure mode iteration is much harder, having a longer length, more enemies, and less platforms overall. The Adventure mode version is also on a steep incline, forcing the player to make more precise jumps while punishing them harder for any mistakes.


  • There are a fixed number of Buzzers in this stage, which means that they will eventually stop chasing the player entirely once they kill enough of them.

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