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Egg Roll
Yoshi symbol
User Yoshi
Universe Yoshi

Egg Roll (ごろごろたまご, Gorogoro Tama go) is Yoshi's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Yoshi withdraws into his egg and rolls into the direction he is facing. You can control the direction you are going with the arrow keys and even speed up or slow down. Pressing an attack button or knocking into something will break the egg. In V0.9 of the demo Yoshi does not enter a helpless state whenever he rolls off a ledge allowing him to recover. Egg roll can out prioritize low-priority projectiles. If Yoshi uses his midair jump and then uses Egg Roll to land on the stage; he will not regain his second jump unless he breaks out of the egg.



  • Yoshi not regaining his second jump when using Egg Roll to land on the stage was an intentional move. The devs said this was done to prevent anti-stalling due to attack being considered so good.

Standard special move Egg Lay
Side special move Egg Roll
Up special move Egg Toss
Down special move Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon

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