Egg Lay
Egg Lay
Yoshi symbol
Yoshi's standard special move.
Universe Yoshi
User Yoshi

Egg Lay (たまご産み) is Yoshi's standard special move in Super Smash Flash 2. Yoshi shoots out his tongue, pulls an opponent into his mouth, and lays them as an egg. Opponents cannot move while inside the egg, which renders them vulnerable to attacks. It is possible to break out of the egg early by mashing keys. This move can score easy KO's by using it offstage or near a ledge, so that the egg will fall offstage and leave the opponent vulnerable to further edgeguarding. However, the Egg Lay is usually not a suitable edgeguarding tool by itself, as most characters have a recovery strong enough that they can still make it back to the stage after breaking out. When Egg Lay is used near other opponents they will also be transformed into eggs. When only the tip of Yoshi's tongue touches an opponent, it will not pull them in, but stun them instead.


Early designs

Standard special move Egg Lay
Side special move Egg Roll
Up special move Egg Toss
Down special move Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Super Dragon

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