Mega Man's down tilt.

A down tilt is an attack in Super Smash Flash 2. It is activated when the player holds the down key and the attack button afterward. These are used to pseudo-crawl, and start follow-ups.

List of down tilts in Super Smash Flash 2

Character Down tilt Damage
Black Mage Thrusts his dagger in front of himself along the ground. 7%
Bomberman Does a sliding kick along the ground. 9%
Bowser Swipes with his claws while on the ground. Unknown.
Captain Falcon Does a sweeping "breakdance" kick along the ground. 10%
Chibi-Robo Crouches and spins around hitting the opponent with his electrical cord. 7%
Donkey Kong Sweeps his hand along the ground while ducking. 8%
Fox Whips his tail in front of himself while spinning along the ground. 9%
Goku Punches straight forward in the direction he is facing while kneeling. 7%
Ichigo Uses Shunpō, teleports forward and thrusts his blade in front of himself along the ground while kneeling. 9%
Isaac Summons a spine in his front while crouched. Unknown.
Jigglypuff Does a slight spin while jamming her foot forward. 10%
Kirby Jams his foot forward while crouched along the ground. 6%
Link Slashes his Master Sword along the ground in a sweeping motion. 10%
Lloyd Thrusts a sword straight forward while kneeling. 9%
Luigi Crouches, turns around, and kicks his heel out behind him. Unknown.
Mario Does a sweeping trip kick along the ground. 6%
Marth Does a quick crouching sword poke. 8%
Mega Man Slide (Mega Man 3); Slides extending his foot forward. 11%
Meta Knight Pokes Galaxia forward while crouched on the ground. 6%
Mr. Game & Watch Flips a manhole cover in front of him. Based on Manhole. Unknown.
Naruto Does a headbutt in an arc. 13%
Ness Sticks his foot along the ground in front of himself. 4%
Peach Bends forward while slapping at a slightly downward angle. 10%
Pikachu Spins around once while hitting with his tail. 7%
Samus While kneeling, shoots a small explosive on the ground out of her arm cannon. 14%
Sheik Spins around on the ground in a circle while crouching, and with her leg outstreched. 8%
Sonic Sticks out both feet in front of himself along the ground. 5%
Sora Quickly thrusts his keyblade right in front of himself along the ground. 8%
Tails Swings both his tails in front of himself while spinning along with the motion and crouched. 6%
Wario Pokes the ground in front of himself by pointing his finger at it. 6%
Yoshi Swings his tail along the ground while moving with the motion. 10%
Zelda While kneeling, sticks out her whole leg in front of herself. 7%
Zero Suit Samus A prone leg sweep. 6%

List of Final Form's down tilts

Final Form Down tilt Damage
Bankai Ichigo Slashes from in front of himself to behind himself. 8%
Kyūbi Naruto Sweeps his tail in front of himself while crouched on the ground. Simliar to Fox's. 9%
Super Saiyan Goku Does a low trip kick while crouched along the ground. 11%
Super Sonic Does a sweeping trip kick while moving along with the motion. 7%
Wario-Man Like his normal counterpart, he pokes the ground in front of himself, except stronger, slower, and has the ability to bury opponents. 7%

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