Down Throw

Sonic's down throw.

The down throw is a throw performed by pressing down on the keyboard after having grabbed the enemy. They are usually the more powerful throws in a character's moveset, but with less KO potential at small percentages, but they become good KO potential moves at the higher percents. Their effects are different because some down throws send the enemy upwards, while other down throws send the opponent to the side.

List of Down throws in Super Smash Flash 2

Character Down throw  Damage
Mario Slams the enemy into the ground. 6%
Ichigo Thrusts his sword into the ground, causing a small "explosion" of energy to appear and deal about two hits to the victim. First hit 9%. Second hit 7%. 16% total.
Bankai Ichigo Same as Ichigo's, except it deals only two hits to the victim and it is more powerful. 2%
Kirby Fury Stomp; Tap dances on the enemy, hitting him/her ten times. 11 hits. 1% each. 11% total.
Link Slashes downward in a sweeping motion above the ground, slashing the opponent. 6%
Sonic Charges a Spin Dash on top of the enemy. 5 hits. 2% each. 10% total.
Super Sonic Same as Sonic's, except weaker. 2 hits. 3% each. 6% total.
Sora Teleports on top of the victim and, then reappears upside down, and stabs him/her with the keyblade while saying "Take..... this!". 7%
Naruto Somewhat similar to his up throw in appearance, except the clone runs and attacks from behind him, and he would jump up himself and hit him/her towards the ground for the second and aerial hit, which can powerfully meteor smash him/her. Kage Bunshin 8%. Actual Naruto 5%. 13% total.
Kyūbi Naruto Deals a headbutt to the opponent. 8%
Ness Grabs the enemy, throws him/her onto the ground, then points down at them for a steady amount of seconds, causing him/her to get hit by about five PK Fires. 5 hits. 2% per hit. 10% total.
Tails Charges a Spin Dash on top of the enemy. 4 hits. 2% per hit. 8% total.
Lloyd Thursts his Flameberge into the opponent four times. 4 hits. 3% per hit. 12% total.
Mega Man Water Shield; Mega Man uses large droplets of water to batter the opponent, which will place the opponent in front of himself. First 6 hits 1% each. 7th and last hit does 4%. 10% total.
Goku Does the Solar Flare on the opponent. 5%
Goku (Kaiō-ken) Same as Goku's, except stronger. 6%
Super Saiyan Goku Same as Goku and Kaiō-ken Goku's, except stronger. 9%
Wario Does a Ground Pound on the opponent. 12%
Wario-Man Same as Wario's, except Wario-Man jumps higher and it is more powerful. 12%
Peach Puts the enemy on the ground, then sits on top of the opponent. 7%
Black Mage Uses his staff to poison the opponent; the opponent will then slowly take damage from the poison for a couple of seconds, depending on the amount of damage he/she has. First 5 hits 1% each. Last hit does 5%. 10% total. 1% per second.
Captain Falcon Flips the opponent in an arc, and then slams him/her onto the ground. 7%
Donkey Kong Mercilessly slams the opponent onto the ground. 7%
Fox Throws the opponent onto the ground, then takes out his Blaster and fires three shots at him/her. Blaster shots 1% each. 3% total.
Pikachu Thorws the opponent on the ground, then sits on him/her. 10%
Yoshi Spits out the opponent on the ground. 6%
Bomberman Jumps in the air with the opponent, then throws him/her on the ground, and finally stomps on the victim. Throw 5%. Stomp 7%. 12% total.
Zelda Throws the victim on the ground, then zaps him/her ten times with her magic. 11 hits 1% each. 11% total.
Sheik Throws the opponent on the ground, then does an axe kick on him/her. 5%
Samus Uses the Grapple Beam to sling the opponent over her head, then slams him/her on the ground. 6%
Meta Knight Tap dances on the enemy. Similar to Kirby's, except does not do as much hits or damage. First 4 hits 1% each. 5th and last hit 3%. 7% total.
Jigglypuff Puts the opponent on the ground, then rolls on him/her. First hit 4%. Second hit 3%. Third hit 1%. 8% total.
Zero Suit Samus Slams opponent on ground and then axe kicks them. 5%
Marth Hook his arms and drags the opponent to the floor sending the opponent backwards. 4%
Chibi-Robo Rubs his brush on the opponent. 9%
Isaac Unknown. Unknown.

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