A down aerial is an aerial that is done by pressing the down and regular attack buttons in conjunction while in the air. For most characters, this is the only aerial attack in the game that is not just an aerial version of a ground attack.

List of Down aerials in Super Smash Flash

Character Aerial
Blade Down Slash.
Blue Down Slash.
Captain Falcon Diving Falcon Kick.
Cloud Buster Down Swipe.
Crono Stab.
Fox Fire Fox.
InuYasha Sankon Tessō (Aerial Downward)
Jigglypuff Rapid kick.
Kirby Pit-Point Kick.
Knuckles The Plunger.
Link Down Thrust.
Lloyd Rising Falcon.
Luigi Luigi Cyclone
Mario Mario Tornado.
Mewtwo Confusion (Downward)
Mega Man X Medium-Charged Shot (diagonal down).
Meta Knight Down Thrust.
Mr. Game & Watch Down-Kick.
Mr. Incredible Kick.
Naruto Downward Kick
Pikachu Thunder.
Samus Machine Gun (diagonal down).
Shadow Psychic Foot.
Sheik Stomp.
Sonic Falling Kick.
Super Sonic Falling Kick.
Tails Electron Cannon (straight down).
Young Link Down Stab.
Zelda Lightning Down-Kick.
Zero Kūenzan.

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