Zelda symbol
Early design of Cucco in Super Smash Flash 2
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Appearances Super Smash Flash 2
Item class Throwing/Transformation
Description Toss them around, but don't make them angry!

Cucco is the small chicken that appears in nearly every The Legend of Zelda game to date. Cuccos are very infamous creatures, since their introduction in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, if Link hits a single Cucco enough, it will effect its "revenge", bringing a flock of Cuccos to take him down until he leaves the current place or if he faints.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Cucco is an item in Super Smash Flash 2. It can be thrown like most other interactive items; however, if the player jumps while holding it, the Cucco will start flapping its wings frantically, slowing your descent. Also, if the player attacks it seven times, other normal Cuccos and a golden Cucco will appear to attack the player. The golden Cucco does more damage than the regular Cuccos. The flock will do damage to any player that comes in contact with them, however they will only chase the one player who attacked them, meaning they will not rack up damage to others nearly as much. The best thing to do is to run away from them, or make an quick attack in the player that is being attacked from a direction that the attacking player don't take damage. They will keep attack until they disappear their own. Even if the player they're attacking dies, they will still go after the player.


Early design


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