This article is about Cloud's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Cloud Strife.
Cloud Strife
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Cloud
Availability Unlockable
Tier D (26)

Cloud appears as an unlockable character in this game. To unlock him, complete Multi-Man mode with any character. However, there exists an easier way to unlock him that exploits the game's infamous Stage Clear glitch. To perform it, one must simply start a game of Cruel mode, then right click and select "play". This method will send the player to the "Warning! Challenger Approaching" screen for Cloud.

Cloud is ranked 26th on the tier list. Cloud has fast movement speed, long disjointed range, and high damage output. He can use Double Buster Slash to cancel his horizontal movement, increasing his survivability. He has solid instant kill attacks in his Buster Raise and Buster Down Swipe.

However, Cloud's attacks are slower than average and extend his hurtbox, mostly nullifying the benefits of having long range and weakening his neutral game. He also has a slow air speed, which gives him a weak recovery overall and guarantees his death against characters with strong edgeguarding options. Cloud has no means of dealing with projectiles at all, lacking one himself, which spells disaster for him if his opponent has anything even remotely resembling a zoning game. He generally gets battered around by characters with faster movement and attack speed. These attributes place him very low on the tier list.


Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Basic Hit Cloud does a strong single hit with his Buster Sword, dealing up to 96% damage if the strike is successful. Cloud NA SSF
Side attack Double Buster Slash Cloud does a fast 2-hit combo, which deals about 80% damage if both hits collide (Individually, first hit does 20 damage whilst second collision deals 60 damage). Cloud SA SSF
Up attack Buster Raise Cloud raises his Buster sword, inflicting 45% damage to foes if collides properly. Cloud UA SSF
Down attack Limit Charge Cloud surrounds himself with materia, dealing up to 112% damage. Even though it has terrible knockback compared to his Basic Hit, it can gimp when used by the edge. Cloud DA SSF
Down aerial Buster Down Swipe Cloud, while in air, Slashes downwards, dealing approximately 80% damage. Cloud AA SSF


  • Even though Cloud has a Limit Charge move, it only deals damage, and nothing else.

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