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M Fist

The M Fist logo is used as the avatar for Cleod-9.

Cleod-9 is the name of the official Newgrounds account of McLeodGaming and it is used by Cleod9 himself, as the name implies. In that account, he uploads some of the games, movies and music that are hosted in McLeodGaming. Though not very popular account, is one of the few major places where, officially, the game Super Smash Flash is showcased, the others being the same McLeodGaming site and the Flash Central. Currently, only three awards have been received, a Daily 3rd Place award for A Super Mario World Episode 2, a Daily Weekly award for Super Smash Flash and a Daily 5th Place for Yeah Jam Fury.

List of submissions

Among the content that can be found on Cleod-9 highlists eight Flash submissions:

Flash submission Rating Review Award Link
Animus: Prologue T for Teen 3.92/5.00 None Animus: Prologue
A Super Mario World Episode 1 T for Teen 3.79/5.00 None A Super Mario World Episode 1
A Super Mario World Episode 2 T for Teen 4.05/5.00 Daily 3rd Place A Super Mario World Episode 2
A Super Mario World Episode 3 T for Teen 3.81/5.00 None A Super Mario World Episode 3
School T for Teen 4.05/5.00 None School
Super Smash Flash E for Everyone 4.19/5.00 Daily Weekly Super Smash Flash
World of Starcraft Episode 1 T for Teen 2.31/5.00 None World of Starcraft Episode 1
World of Starcraft Episode 1 (Remake) T for Teen 3.51/5.00 None World of Starcraft Episode 1 (Remake)
Yeah Jam Fury E for Everyone 3.73/5.00 Daily 5th Place Yeah Jam Fury

In addition, all 40 musical compositions of McLeodGaming can be heard as well.

2009 Orchestration Contest

On July 15, 2009, Cleod9 entered the 2009 Orchestration Contest with the musical composition The Perfect Battle. The contest lasted one month and the results were shown in August 19, 2009; with Cleod9 ending in the 10th place of said contest. The winner was a user known as Robomanus.


With the production of Super Smash Flash 2 still in progress, it is highly stipulated the game will be hosted here when the game is finally finished, with a little difference it will not include the Story mode, The Flash of Shadows, instead an standard Adventure mode larger but similar to the one in the first Super Smash Flash. Many other musical compositions will be showed as well.

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