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Chu² Bomb
Sonic symbol
Tails deploying the Chu² Bomb.
Universe Sonic
User(s) Tails
Effect Tails deploys a small mouse-shaped robot on the ground that explodes on contact with an opponent.

Chu² Bomb was previously confirmed in the third Smash Flash DOJO!!! to be Tails' side special move in Super Smash Flash 2 until the confirmation of Rhythm Twister in the demo v0.7.


When performed, Tails would put a small, blue and white mouse-shaped robot on the ground, which would immediately dash forward and explode on contact with an opponent. It would also explode after five seconds without touching anything.

Other details of this move are unknown, as it was scrapped before it could be included in any release of SSF2.


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Chu² Bomb originates as a move used primarily by Tails in Sonic Battle, where it appeared as Tails' Ground Trap attack. When summoned, the Chu² Bomb will seek out the most nearby opponent and chase them, exploding upon contact.


Standard special move Energy Ball Blaster
Side special move Airlift
Up special move Remote Robot
Down Special Move Spin Dash
Final Smash Unknown

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