This article is about Captain Falcon's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in general, see Captain Falcon.
Captain Falcon
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Captain Falcon
Universe F-Zero
Availability Starter
Tier C (20)

Captain Falcon is the sole starter character hailing from the F-Zero franchise in Super Smash Flash. His moveset consists mainly of his signature moves from the Super Smash Bros. series, including the famous Falcon Punch. Captain Falcon is the third fastest character in the game, under Sonic and Super Sonic.

Captain Falcon is ranked at 20th on the tier list. He has strong movement speed, strong attack power, and strong kill power with his instant-kill attacks. His Raptor Boost gives him extra horizontal momentum, aiding his recovery somewhat. His Falcon Kick can be used as a decent approaching option. Also, recent discoveries of the game and advanced techniques, such as jump cancelling and momentum cancelling, have been shown to be very effective when used by Captain Falcon.

Unfortunately, his Falcon Punch is slow and does not have enough power to warrant its use, leaving him with only four decent moves. His biggest issue, however, is his lack of range and projectiles, giving him great problems with fighting characters who possess both. Even without this, he has a difficult time getting in close enough to rack up damage against most opponents.

This gives him bad matchups against most of the higher tiered characters than him, which puts him in low tier.


Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Falcon Punch Captain Falcon clenches his fist back yelling "Falcon..." as he charges it, then unleashes it in a powerful falcon-shaped flame punch yelling "Punch!" as he does this. The flame falcon has a durable hitbox that remains as long as it has not vanished, this increases the chances of hitting an opponent so the player does not necessarily have to make contact with actual fist, as with in the SSB games. Keeping the attack button pressed will "trap" Captain Falcon on an animation loop where he will be constantly yell "Falcon...", this makes possible to cancel the attack in one of the frames but renders Captain Falcon a bit vulnerable to opponents' attacks.
Falcon Punch 1 SSF

Falcon Punch charging.

Falcon Punch Cancel

Falcon Punch's animation loop.

Falcon Punch 2 SSF

Falcon Punch's flame.

Side attack Raptor Boost Captain Falcon engulfes himself on flames and as he delivers a low headbutt; by keeping the attack button pressed, Captain Falcon will then perform a flaming uppercut that sends opponents upwards.
Raptor Boost 1

The first part of Raptor Boost.

Raptor Boost 3

The second part of Raptor Boost.

Up attack Raptor Boost / Falcon Kick This move mixes two of Captain Falcon's signature attacks: the first is the direct flaming uppercut from his side attack; the second comes by keeping the attack button pressed, Captain Falcon will deliver a diving flameless Falcon Kick.
Raptor Boost 2

The Raptor Boost part of the attack.

Falcon kick flameless

The Falcon Kick part of the attack.

Down attack Falcon Kick Captain Falcon kicks forward with his leg engulfed in flames as he yells "Falcon Kick!".
Falcon Kick
Down aerial Captain Falcon perform the diving flameless Falcon Kick from his continued up attack.
Falcon Kick 2

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