Bomb Kick
Bomberman symbol
User Bomberman
Universe Bomberman

Bomb Kick is Bomberman's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2. The kick itself is a weak attack, as it only does 5-6% and has low knockback. However, its main purpose is to move bombs across the stage, since they cannot be manipulated in any other way once they are thrown. He kicks the opponent straight if performed on the ground or in an arc if performed in the air. This move can also reflect projectiles, but only for a brief duration of the animation and only when used in the air. This move, like most attacks with a slight disjoint, will out-prioritize certain projectiles if timed properly.



  • If the player uses light mode, the Bomb Kick can aid in horizontal recovery.

Standard special move Bomb
Side special move Bomb Kick
Up special move Jetpack
Down special move Bomb Detonate
Final Smash Revenge

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