Bomb Kick
Bomb Kick
Bomberman symbol
Bomberman using Bomb Kick.
Universe Bomberman
User(s) SSF2 Bomberman head
Effect Bomberman kicks forward, which can move the bombs he places across the stage.

Bomb Kick is Bomberman's side special move in Super Smash Flash 2.


When performed, Bomberman quickly kicks forward with one leg, which can be changed similarly to a smash attack. The kick itself is a somewhat weak attack, as it only hits with 11-14% damage depending on the charge and has low knockback. However, its main purpose is to move bombs across the stage, since they cannot be manipulated in any other way once they are thrown. The more he charges the kick, the farther the bombs will travel across the stage. He kicks the opponent straight if performed on the ground or in an arc if performed in the air. This move can also reflect projectiles, but only for a brief duration of the animation and only when used in the air. This move, like most attacks with a slight disjoint, will out-prioritize certain projectiles if timed properly.


Bomb Kick art

The Kick item as seen in the Bomberman games.

In the Bomberman games, the bombs placed by Bomberman are normally stuck in place until they explode, which can often play to the player's disadvantage, especially when trapped between a bomb and a wall. However, there is an item called the Kick that he can obtain, which appears as a foot kicking a bomb. It gives the player the ability to "kick" bombs by walking into them, which sends the bomb sliding across the stage until it collides with a wall, player, or another bomb. It is also a great offensive weapon, as in certain games, bombs can be kicked as far or short a distance the player desires; a sliding bomb can be halted by the press of a button.




  • If the player uses light mode, the Bomb Kick can aid in horizontal recovery.
Bomberman's special moves
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Side special move Bomb Kick
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