Bomb Detonate
Beta Bomb
Bomberman symbol
User Bomberman
Universe Bomberman

Bomb Detonate is Bomberman's down special move. This move causes all bombs on stage to explode; damage and knockback depend on the level of charge each bomb has accumulated. This move is an important part of Bomberman's moveset, since this attack is used to detonate the bombs that are placed with Bomb, used in conjunction with Bomb Kick for positioning.


Remote Control 2

The Remote Control item as seen in the games.

In Bomberman games, bombs explode shortly after being thrown. However, there is an item that allows the player to detonate bombs on command, making it easier to finish enemies off. This item is called Remote Control, which in the series appears as a heart with a bomb in the center (as seen in the picture).


Standard special move Bomb
Side special move Bomb Kick
Up special move Jetpack
Down special move Bomb Detonate
Final Smash Revenge

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