This article is about Blue's appearance in Super Smash Flash. For the character in other contexts, see Blue.
in Super Smash Flash
SSF Blue
Universe McLeodGaming
Availability Unlockable
Tier A (10)

Blue is a playable character based on the Equinox_Twilight's creations but recreated by topcat13. He is a clone of Blade, differentiated by his greater strength, longer range, and slower speed. He is an unlockable character, obtained by clearing Adventure mode with Blade on normal or higher.

Blue is ranked 10th on the tier list. Blue has similar attributes to Blade when concerning his movement speed, jump distance, weight, size, and moveset. However, unlike Blade, Blue has much stronger attacks with more range and a longer active duration, allowing him to rack up damage much faster and KO earlier. He also has a much more reliable instant kill attack, on par with most of the rest of the cast. He still lacks a projectile, which gives him a more difficult time against characters with strong ranged games like Mario and Tails. His moves have a long duration, so he must commit harder to his attacks. Despite the increased range, Blue still tends to get outraged by other sword-wielding characters. Regardless, Blue is a much stronger character than Blade, and possesses many strong points that place him near the top.

Unlock criteria

Clear Adventure mode with Blade on at least normal difficulty.


Attack Name Description Image
Standard attack Slash Blue slashes out, moving him forward and dealing up to 35%. Pressing twice in succession (or holding down the button) makes Blue jab upwards, dealing up to 25%. Blue NA SSF
Side attack Flame Slash Blue uses his flamberge to quickly slash outwards, dealing damage based on how far he moves during the attack. This move deals up to 60%, making it a very good damage racker, but it has no vertical knockback; only small horizontal knockback. Blue SA SSF
Up attack Upward Slash Blue slices with his blade while facing upwards, dealing up to 56%. He also moves forward after performing his attack, like most of his other moves. Unlike most other characters in SSF, this one of Blue's least reliable K.O moves because it doesn't have as much knockback as his other moves. Blue UA SSF
Down attack Spin Dash Blue curls into a ball and quickly rolls forward, in a fashion identical to Sonic's down attack in SSF. Deals up to 63%, but it can hit multiple times on low percentages; this can deal whopping amounts of damage, such as 144%. Out of all of Blue's moves, Spin Dash has the strongest vertical knockback. Blue DA SSF
Down aerial Down Slash Blue slashes while facing downwards, dealing up to 60%. However, it is difficult to hit with this attack properly and it usually deals around the 20% to 30% range. Decently meteor smashes aerial enemies. Blue AA SSF

Blue can also use his jump as an attack that deals around 12% damage. The jump has the second best vertical knockback out of all his moves, making it a reliable K.O.


  • Blade and Blue have the largest gap between their rankings on the tier list out of all the clone pairs, with a stunning 19 places between them.

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