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This article is about Bandana Dee's appearance in Super Smash Flash 2. For the character in other contexts, see Bandana Dee.
Bandana Dee
in Super Smash Flash 2
SSF2 Bandana Dee
Kirby symbol
Universe Kirby
Stock icon SSF2 Bandana Dee head
Availability Starter
Weight class Light
Final Smash Flare Beam
Tier C (26)

Bandana Dee is a playable newcomer starter character in Super Smash Flash 2 who was revealed during the Day 3 stream at Super Smash Con 2016. He hails from the Kirby series and, like PAC-MAN, is a character who originally appeared as an Assist Trophy. His sprites are heavily edited from Kirby Super Star Ultra to give him his appearance from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Bandana Dee is ranked 26th on the current tier list, putting him at the middle of low tier. Bandana Dee has a good combo game, with his up tilt, neutral aerial, up aerial, down aerial and throws granting him the ability to string together multiple attacks for good damage, he also has a good edgeguarding game, with three midair jumps and a powerful Back Aerial allowing him to fence of pain fighters offstage. However, he suffers from a severe lack of kill power, with him main KO moves having no setups and often requiring hard reads to pull off. Additionally, his weight and floatiness severely hinder his survivability, and Waddle Copter is a fairly bad recovery move, despite the horizontal distance.

Overall, Bandana Dee's few strengths are overshadowed by his drawbacks and this leaves him as a low tier character



Ground attacks

Attack Description Damage
Standard attack 1 Stabs with his spear forwards, at an upward angle. 2%
Standard attack 2 Stabs with his spear forwards, at a downward angle. 3%
Standard attack 3 Stabs with his spear forwards. More range than the other hits. 4%
Down tilt Performs a sliding kick attack, similar to Mega Man's down tilt. Inspired by Kirby's Slide Kick in the Kirby games. He can also perform this attack in the Kirby games in which he himself is playable. 6%
Down smash Slashes with great strength in front of, then behind himself. 14%
Forward tilt Thrusts his spear forwards, after twirling it first. 9%.
Forward smash Swings his spear in front of him as it turns into a parasol. 13%
Up tilt Swings his spear upwards in an arc. 7%
Up smash Places his spear on the ground, which releases some sphere-shaped beams around its tip. 1%
Dash attack Stabs his spear into the ground, using it to propel himself into the air. Can be followed up with back, neutral, up, or forward air depending on opponent's DI. 6%

Aerial attacks

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Does a buzzsaw-like movement with his spear, hitting opponents once, damage varies if animation started before being on enemies range or if animation started on enemies range. Is also a great combo tool, but knockback angle may be unpredictable . 5%
Forward aerial Swings his spear forwards. Power orbs will appear around the tip. 2%
Back aerial Does a kick backwards. Decent range and does strong knockback. Good followup from dash attack. 12%
Up aerial Thrusts his spear upwards. 12%
Down aerial Does a buzzsaw-like series of slashes downwards, hitting opponents multiple times. The last hit is a meteor smash. 2%

Grabs and throws

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Attack Description Damage
Pummel Headbutts opponent. 1%
Forward throw Lifts the opponent in the air and piledrives them. If the player performs this attack on the edge of a stage, Bandana Dee will fall down with the opponent, KO'ing each other. 9%
Back throw Lifts the opponent in the air and kicks them backwards. Very low knockback. 8%
Up throw Lifts the opponent upward into his parasol, twirling it several times to rack up damage. 12%
Down throw Throws the opponent to the ground, pauses, and then performs the Megaton Punch, punching them into the ground. Will KO most opponents at around 120%. Can chain grab fast fallers until around 28%. A reference to Megaton Punch, a minigame from Kirby Super Star. 7%

Other attacks

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Spins around with his spear. 5%
Ledge attack Stabs forward with his spear 6%

Special moves

Special move Name Description Damage
Standard special move Beam Whip / Wave Beam Waves a staff, charging the move, then throws two sphere-like beams that circle around each other, while pushing back Bandana Dee. If uncharged, the move blasts forth a short-range beam that moves up and down. The charged version kills at the ledge at around 140%. 2%
Side special move Spear Throw Dee throws his spear. It can pin opponents to the ground if it hits with the sweetspot, setting up for a kill move. 5%
Up special move Waddle Copter Does a short jump, then glides while spinning his spear like a helicopter blade. The descent can be cancelled by pressing down, causing Dee to fall faster and enter a helpless state. 9%
Down special move Parasol Drill / Parasol Dive If done on the ground, Dee rushes forwards with his parasol. If in the air, Dee will fall at a downwards angle while spinning the parasol below himself. Power orbs will appear around the parasol's tip in both versions. However, the aerial version lacks the grounded version's strong knockback. The grounded version will not hit opponents very close to you. 18%
Final Smash Flare Beam Unknown.


Misc. Description
On-screen appearance Floats to the ground slowly thanks to his open parasol.
Idle pose Waves his spear.
Taunts Standard Waves forward, making a pose while the 1-Up sound effect from the Game Boy Kirby titles plays.
Side Same as standard.
Down Same as standard.
Victory theme Remix of the flourish for Kirby's victory dance from multiple Kirby games.
Victory pose Throws his spear, catches it, then takes up the same pose as his taunt.

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  • Buff Overall, Bandana Dee now has more kill options due to some of his kit being significantly buffed with more knockback.

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